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    Do you think it's fair that some people can gain free resources from inactives and build huge hammers without any risk/cost?

    Well its not limited to some people. Everyone can do that.

    I think another option would be to disable defpoints for troops killed in grey villages. This way you could still do spiking to deal damage to big raiders/kingdoms but people would stop doing that just for points.

    Why i cant chief a village just because "THE VILLAGE WAS INSIDE YOUR KINGDOM BORDERS WITHIN THE LAST 3 DAYS" if the player is not an allied or friend or something, i want chief villages of another player who isnt a friend or allied or something, with this rule you made the game bored.

    Your king/duke was too greedy and granted that player protection to get the tributes^^

    Simple enough. When you create a new village, you don't "forget" to take your research with you and have to start again with the most basic of troops. It's a waste of time and resources.

    Would be an option. Its annoying to research every village on its own. But in that case the research costs need a big increase. Somewhere around 10-20x should be fine.

    What if the other players are part of a giant meta and you cant do anything?Or many other situations where you are unable to do it.
    Your view is overly simplistic.

    In that case spiking farms wouldnt change something and chances are high that you account just gets destroyed. Only thing that would help is to cap the number of players in a kingdom, the number of allies (or remove them completely) and to limit reinforcements to kingdom members (and allies) only.

    That would probably totally kill farming of grey accounts and make them useless. I guess it would be easier to just instant delete inactive accounts then because being used as farms and preventing the big players from raiding the smaller ones is their only purpose right now.

    Nein nicht wirklich, da nie alle Truppenbewegungen geladen wurden sondern nur immer wieder neue beim runterscrollen. Man musste also immer scrollen, laden lassen, scrollen, laden lassen usw. Und auch nicht zu schnell, sonst wurden Atts irgendwo mittendrin nicht geladen.

    Ja das stimmt das ist etwas nervig, habe auch schon darüber nachgedacht das man es einfach scrollen können sollte das würde alles vereinfachen.

    So war es vorher aber durch 1000 Truppenbewegungen zu scrollen war auch nicht besser^^


    Just nope.

    they are too expansive

    Nope. Gauls are more expensive than romans looking at ress per attack point.

    their horses use much more crop then others and if you want to bring crop usage to normal point you have to build their special building and that is so bad

    Why is this bad? Use the horse drinking trough and you are on the same level. You need it anyways for the production bonus.

    their units production speed is 3 times slower

    But production speed doesnt equal troop strenght. Oh and by the way, with the horse drinking romans have the fastest training times of all tribes.

    and they use 2 times more resources to build

    See the second quote. Their troops are more expensive (but not nearly 2x) but they are stronger too.

    Only good thing they have is that they can build both resource fields and city buildings at the same time that can be countered by buying gold

    Nope. You can buy additional slots with gold but the other tribes cant build a field and another building at the same time.

    Particularly for big hammer builders who are training their main army for a couple of months the cost of keeping building round the clock as a Roman is cheaper than as a teuton.

    No its not. But the upkeep for the roman is lower.

    So recently tried to chief a players village and discovered that as long as he demolishes palace and rebuilds it on whatever village I´m trying to chief he can freely change capital to completely prevent all chiefing attempts

    Send chiefing fakes on all his other villages.

    Normally an attacker will only send 1 cata attack.... so will they hit one or the other ? will they make and dual cata attack, and destroy some of the village that they are about to chief...

    If they arent totally stupid they will always aim for both buildings.

    when i returned to this game after 10 years break

    If you have alreday played travian 10 years ago you are probably playing the wrong game here. You have played the now named "Travian Legends" which still exists. That may explain why you dont like so many things here because Kingdoms is a totally different game and most people coming over from Legends dont like it. You should try Legends.

    then why all the experienced players play teutons?? if they are the weakest tribe in the game..

    Because these players are experienced and active enough to handle the teutons weaknesses?

    u say gauls are the best defender i beg to say thy arent best ideal defense in a kingdom... if ur playing solo yes they may be the "best" but if ur playing in a kingdom.. praetorian and spears combined are way stronger than phalanx ...making gauls totally useless..after all its all about teamwork right ?

    In a perfect world you are right. But in reality praets are slow af and often they just dont make it in time. Also gauls have their druids which are the fastest def units of all tribes. Mathematically they may not be worth building but sometimes you just need def that is fast and then druids are the best.

    Maybe check out this tool site: Travian :: Truppen-Werte-Berechnung
    You can see what units are the best considering different factors (like cost, upkeep, power etc.).

    Sadly most times this strategy works because a lot of players often go straight for the treasury villages. And with a kingdom of random players its nearly impossible to analyse the incoming attacks properly or to split the available def properly.
    With a well organized kingdom and a off operation planner who knows what hes doing its often easy to take out even much bigger kingdoms because you can take out player after player with minimum losses while all the def is somewhere somewhere in the treasury villages.