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    There's a problem with Artworks when comparing the usage from browser and the app.

    When using an artwork while in browser it give the user the amount of culture points based on the production of all your villages.

    When using an artwork while on the Kingdoms app the user only gains the amount of culture points that the current village produces.

    So in summary, NEVER use an artwork while on mobile.

    Better in what way? What I meant there was just that the "Horde/Size Bonus" does not have anything to do with the number of attack units. Hence the choice of 3 EI vs. 2 EC is not affected by that. I think the most useful way to this about the EI vs. EC comparison is this:

    EI's are better in: Atk/Cost (including crop upkeep), More suitable for Ghost hammers due to their speed, Better at farming due to speed and capacity.

    EC's are better in: Atk/Production time ... and having #1 Atk/Production time in the game makes them a really Great OFF unit.

    EI weapon tier 3 as example is 3x15 attack and deff which equal +45 and EC is 2x20 attack and deff which is +40 for the same amount of crop

    You must have made some error in your calculation. ECs have the highest Atk/(training time) in the game. Ye, they even beat clubs.

    Also, the size bonus does not apply to the number of units, but rather the total Attack power of your OFF army.. so its not correct that you rather want 3 EIs than 2 ECs to get advantage of a ”Horde Bonus”.

    Yes ECs are expemsive, but if you can afford it you can enjoy training ECs with the knowledge of that you are training the unit with the highest atk/time in the game.

    you are right but when calculating with the hero weapon it is better to have 3 EI than 2 EC

    I don't agree with the new ideas because the game is already hard for new players as it is also i don't want to make the game more PVE, i feel like there is enough simming already and that the game at its core should be almost full out PVP. I think that the solution could be that either 15c can be chiefed or that all villages of a grey player can be chiefed since i find that the most common problem isn't just that 15c are taken but taken by inactive players which makes the square useless. I don't think the fast settle is a problem, i think it is a choice players make to set themselves back a bit to have a 15c for the future.


    It would be great if you could put in a feature to let us chose if we want to use gold or the card game rewards for example to finish a building, if i want to fast finish it and have a finish now reward i can't chose to use the gold which is not great since there is the 2h cutoff and then i might have to use the reward even though it would only cost 1g to finish. Since then i would like to save the reward thing for when it is supposed to be 2g to finish now.

    Sorry for the messy thread ^^

    Just a thought.

    The new Menhir function kind of ruins the point of a fast 24h settle? you will get your village transferred to the right area so wasting all the ress to get the new village that fast just isn't worth it anymore? You can still settle within 3-4 days if you focus on it and it will save you a ton of ress. What do you guys think? The main point of fast settle has been to get your village in the right area as well as maybe grabbing a cropper which will still be possible if you do it withing a few days.

    I can't say i agree here, a never-ending server sure would be fun to play on but after a few months there would be no point for new players to start since they would be waaay to far behind. The server would end because people just dont see any point in it anymore