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    I have been playing for a long time , haven't done anything u guys would have noticed but nonetheless bbash-super-fireworksbbash-tada

    I was just asking if we can change a few cards only image to female troops (shouldn't be too hard for the developer).

    If u guys feel im a perv bbash-ballon to be asking such a thing i don't mind .

    But the issue is sometimes my hero is recovering at my Capital and he is surrounded by only masculine troops bbash-handshake (he is becoming more grumpy)

    U need a women in your House to call it a Home , something like that :D ilike

    Yes, vice king can do very little once union happened. I also think a change on that should happen. So both has equal standing as a united kingdom

    YES YES YES !!!!!!

    I feel you brother .

    END' should those days where we Vick Kings stand in the shadow of the KING .

    If this continues i propose adding a new feature for merged Kingdom's called mutiny :D

    wow , so many people are accusing each other of multi and here i'm not able to get a kingdom of 10 together , if u guys want let all your multi's join Ah-jin guild during bash server .

    After server ends i will announce who is really the best at Multi , so stop barking at each other and lets get down to numbers :D

    Ah-Jin guild will pass judgement on anything that will help me get a kingdom over 10 members :D

    wow , this is like some huge scandal i have been unaware of , WTF r those ??

    I want them 2 , give them for free :D

    That's actually a good point Gown ! The fact that you get 500 pop should allow you to build more stuff !

    I guess you would have to do it the old way, If you play Def you build Armory, if you play Off Black Smith. Doesn't make sense to upgrade the defense of your Hammer since your goal is to attack with it, not defend anyways :)

    But I guess they want you to spend Gold on the Card Games to get your Extra Building Slots and that's ok for me ^^

    No money for gold , card game r becoming like my life in Vegas :D

    It's an army made out of fast horses like TT and EI meant to catch sleepy offensives and unguarded Catas. But as you can tell by looking at the above reports the fact that they have to hit Walls and Offensive troops with their defense values upgraded means that they are not the threat that they used to be.

    Therefore I'm suggesting that de developers separate the Smithy to the Blacksmith and Armory again in order to unleash this threat to the game again :)

    love the idea but the issue is building space when it come to governors :D

    we already begging developers for more tiles inside the city :D

    (i think when u upgrade village to city u need at least 5 added tiles for the 500 pop increase :D

    Yes. Sharley will be there too)

    hey , i heard ur King of another big Kingdom joining the server .

    hope u have hear the new rule , u need to send all your rejected members to Ah-Jin guild :D

    Triangle dont forget , if u dont want them we will take them no questions asked , even SPIES r welcome i just need to be KIng of a Kingdom that has more than 10 players :D

    OK , like i said before i'm not too much into a new race as such bu this post is spl since you have highlighted something new and that's the only thing i would like to elaborate on with my thinking :)))

    Hero item - CAGE should be removed from game and replaced by Leashes :D

    Leases can be used on animals on natars and also a new concept i would to introduce ( MERCENARIES )

    Leashes on animals : - same old same old catch them and make them decorative defense :D ( here is a twist / added crop consumption and bonuses on various limit ( like if u have 25 animals (anything ) ur animals will release a pheromone to buff bonus they provide over and above the wall bonus )

    leashes on mercenaries :- These r fixed spots on the map like wonders where any player on the server even without a Kingdom where players can hire troops (new ones of course ) or can be used as a marketplace for solo players to lend private reinforcements to smaller Kingdoms :)