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    Lol , if u say all this it means Travian team should focus more on India :D

    I'm sure my city has more population that will be willing to play travian than all of ur 90% (combined countries mentioned above )

    remember u guys are the most involved players that why the server times r favored for you guys but that doesnt mean the Game management only want to be stuck there :)

    I request the development team to try to focus on countries which have a player pool that is 10 time higher than any other nation ( Retention is a different ball game but first thing in Sales is making sure your selling at the right place to expect high returns )


    By the time you guys read this post there will be at least a 1000 new potential users in INDIA .

    Wait a minute! I must call to Sharley first, then I can answer correctly... :/8o:love:

    Can anyone tell me where to find here and get in touch , need to learn this new skill :)

    no one is responding to my Kingdom so why not try this out .

    But shhhhh be careful not to let the administrators find out :)

    I don't want to be banned for the first time in my life on the bash server :D

    Have some in game events for the poor guys who can't afford to procure gold in the conventional way :D

    This is one way for server to be able to retain more players joining new (referral system is good but it's not meant to attract new players is my feeling )

    Ok this is something no one talks abt ,

    I like this topic is because once all your troops have been upgraded players usually destroy the academy and smithy first to make space for more scaling buildings .

    The suggestion made earlier would make every player to make a hard choice , i like it since it will create a new avenue for player to strategize and plan attacks on different targets differently .

    But i feel if we do go ahead with such changes we will need to add a little bit more to some other aspect that is related to what i have mentioned before and that would be SCOUTING .

    We will need scouting reports to include if the village has a smilthy or not :D

    Also add to Attack simulators :)

    It's a big concept to add but i do feels its a good one to ponder upon .

    I hope other members of the forum take this thread more seriously than the new tribe one :DDDD

    Sometimes your wishes only need time to get implemented. Like the Raid Filter for the Rally Point, which will be available after the next update:

    This was a wish from 2018 :)

    Even though I'm afraid that we won't get any new tribes, you can still expect improvements and new features.

    We don't need a new tribe is what i feel . U guys can hate me but it's true .

    And the reasons why i don't like it are listed below :D

    1. A new race will invite new troops into the mix , and new troops will shift the newer servers to be skewed towards them (Like everyone say they want to try the new tribe : if so who will play the others :D)

    2. Jokes apart , new tribe is something we all expect but the impact of such a change will not last long (How many servers do u think u need to get bored of a tribe , most players play multiple servers , my guess 6 months and everyone will need new tribes again to fulfill your own void :D)

    3. Shouldn't have started like i had a list :)))

    There r too many other smaller aspects of the game that can be improved , why is everyone after a tribe . ask the team to add more neutral mobs apart from natars and animals .

    Add new systems like the menhir that will adda spark in the way the game is played :D

    if anyone has read my other post on changing the end of the game then i hope everyone must feel the way i do , the wonder has been the be all end all for every server so why not ask for something different .

    I feel players who have no creative ideas just post stuff others have posted and just add a bit more lines to ultimately give no reason as to why u need it other than it been 2 long :D

    I'm not here to cull creativity but to inspire players to suggest ridiculous things here for the developers to feel refreshed not burdened to read the same thing over and over again :D

    OK everyone has been talking abt what u need to make to be a good defender ,

    But most important thing i feel every players who wants to play a impactful member of any Kingdom needs to keep his troops rolling . Ideally keeping them to urself isn't going to raise ur DEFF POINTS just for lying around :D

    And most Importantly , if u want to be e TOP 10 Defender then u cant stop pumping troops , make use of what ever u have and make troops troops troops ,



    SO the mantra is simple u have no target just a timeline , Till the server does not end ur troops keep pumping out troops .Just reinforce anyone of your treasury if ur having crop issue . DOnt need to worry no one will say no to Standing Deff :)

    And while at it make so that relic activation costs resources and to make it more difficult for big metas make it so that activation price goes up with more kingdom members

    wow thats like a great concept for what i was talking

    u can let relics be activated w.r.t the number of kingdom members .

    Like i said i just wanted to give everyone a perspective of how i feel the game can be different without adding any other complicated race (any for that matter )

    Because adding a new Race to a game is not small task as u need to change new iteration of interactions and new date new values to units and t find the right balance would take a lot of server where players r not satisfied :D

    I don't hide from anybody Maximus. I'm VIOLENCE in Ex3, was a rather easy 1+1, same hero + same prestige and you just gave yourself away :saint:

    You asked for a decent kingdom... Triangles seem to be the only "decent" kingdom so far. :evil:

    Yes, they accept noobs like me, hence the "" in decent :S

    Can anyone please explain to me what a Decent Kingdom is like ??

    That would only make sense if Roman Governors would receive the Stolen Goods faster. In any case it is something you can Gold, therefore it's not a very well thought idea.

    This is actually a very cool idea :thumbup:

    It doesn't make sense, troops would be dead before hero got the boost. Then it wouldn't make sense to boost perhaps a dead hero ^^

    I did like the Attribute names you suggested :)

    Thanks for your insight and i'm glad i could indulge your attention :)

    To be honest i really like this suggestion but what i felt was , the bonuses mentioned above are to game changing later on in the game for hero talents . i suggest it could work like a random buff u get for clearing your Kingdom camps or something like that , to keep the In game PMA going :D

    Also , i feel for hero the most basic change that can be done is add another attribute option , a spls option for tribe related


    roman hero's :- Royalty ( Lets Kings collect tribute a bit faster than rest )

    Gaul Hero's :- Spirit ( When below 30% health regen is increased and deff boosted until above 75% )

    Teuton Hero :- Savage ( Increases the hero's Damage proportionate to his troop losses )

    These are the small change i feel bring a smile on the faces of new and old players alike :D

    Ok i need a road map on how to run a Kingdom when ur alone without a Pre made team :D

    is there a place where i can find players to join me if so pls let me know :D

    This is all in BOLD because no one is replying in AHjin Guild for bash server so i need a place to get players :D

    Ok now let me explain King and Vice King in a simple example .

    This is just of my feeling first time as a Vice King :D

    U lose all ur hard work and connections , no recognition on the final page at all (this should be changed i seriously feel at least put the Vice king's name u have given him the tile of King but his name is also not even mentioned when he wins a server ??? )

    And lastly u become a soul who can't leave the Kingdom because ur spot cant be replaced (U need to live the humiliation for the rest of the server/ no one will message u for diplomacy anymore , ur the hot bride Kings show off on their laps on poker tables :D)

    No hard feeling but i seriously feel the management should distinguish tile and responsibilities a bit more appropriately :D

    Wow , i dint even realize i wrote such a big reply to such a simple question , Im sry i dint mean to be rude

    I know the game developers and the Admins and game master r doing their best and i wish they good luck .

    But something do need to change and i don't mind w8ing for it to happen :DDD

    AinsOoalGown#EN any specific idea of what you would do instead of WW?

    OK i wasn't expecting to dive this deep but since u asked for it .

    The major issue the game is facing right now is that as the game is right now it is not enticing for the new player . The BP system to 200 is good but if they dont go to a kingdom its game over the 200 pop just ends up being a good farm for solid kingdom's .

    And now coming to my main point the end game objective is wonders across the map well placed all over but the issue I feel with this is , that the game is telling everyone to group up and war but this puts players in smaller numbers in a disadvantage .

    Most smaller kingdoms even in the COM 1 I'm currently playing it's only been 20 days and apart from the top 10 and their fan following all kingdoms r out , so all i'm suggesting was :

    1. Make the Game objective something like King of the Hills ( Like every Kingdom on the server will gradually face enemies on all of their treasuries / every 4/5 days depending on certain task assigned by game r not achieved ) also reduce the number of players a Kingdom can have (suggestion - 15 )

    2. Ok here is something , When wonders r removed , the only way the server ends is by time limit (so point 1 can be the end game ) and before that we can add a relic system . all kingdom play same way for VC and Hold treasures . But can obtain buffs for Kingdom members /Individuals depending on the relic they conquer on the map , Every day only 2 Kingdom relics and 1 Individual relic will appear on the map .

    Relics can give various blessings

    few exa,pls for kingdom relics -

    1. Relic of swiftness ( improves troops speed for 8 hrs )

    2. Relic of truth ( scout reports scout everything , even spl buildings )

    3. Relic of sorrow ( troops died have a chance to come back to life )

    4.relic of blood ( troops attacking will be in rage )

    u get the rest i hope .

    I know all this might sound childish as but i really believe if we want the number of players to increase we need to make chances that allow a player to be not just restricted to rushing to top 3 Kingdoms because they have a discord or what ever group and have been marching for yrs (I'm not against coordinated groups but every sever they r just 2 many either distribute and one mega alliance take each server :D)

    U need players who will join the server and try to make a small kingdom of their own with 3-4 friends and think abt inviting more players not becase of reffral codes and gold offer but by making the ingame experience for new players and smaller units that much enticing for him to force his friends to start with him .

    I feel that's how the game should be played , strategy and unions r not banned but need to be kept under check as to not outweigh the needs of the game itself :D