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    How many different opinions and ideas do we have ... That all of them can be great
    But I want to use this post and talk to you a little bit.
    Most of the people who have posted or are posting in this thread are mostly well-thought-out people with new ideas who like this game to progress. That's why they take the time to come up with ideas.

    My friends, we can write hundreds of interesting ideas for the game. But we know that they are difficult to implement or that the development team's priority in other cases. Let's be honest with each other. One of the current problems of the game is the lack of players. I think it would be better if we focus on coming up with new ideas to attract more players or ...

    I believe that if we come up with new ideas on this issue, the development team will welcome them as well. I have read most of your ideas or written my positive or negative comments about them. I know that your mind is very flourishing and you can have great and interesting ideas in this field.

    Bro i respect your opinion on this matter but do u think it fair u going after everyone else but if u scroll a bit up :D

    U urself were asking for a Persian race added :))) Do u think that will bring more players in the server (If so then ur racist 2 )

    No hard feeling just 2 jobless to mind my own business :D

    I May have a different opinion about this new tribe issue .

    I see some players saying add hums and whatever the other on they have over there at Legends (===) I know legends and Kingdoms are different games but there is nothing wrong in asking the developers of the game to add something new . A new tribe will bring a bit more diversity to the game and that more enticing for the new player :D

    I need a new tribe 2 , Every tribe in Kingdom is biased :D No SEA race in it :D

    Yeah sure I'm definetly up for some Name for our Hero's :D

    It would make the kill reports legendary :)


    Bulky Bretta Killed SKinny 4 Eyes and reached lvl 69 :D

    Hi guys thanks for the opportunity :D

    So lets move on to the story , its a bit sad but true :D

    Once upon a time there was a king named "AinsOoalGown" who's father was a great king with a vast and flourishing Kingdom , but one day while Hunting for a "Little Picasso" near the valley where the he was raining havoc his father met his end .

    Ains was next to his father when he was taking his last breaths , the king new that Ains was not ready to lead the kingdom he had built for all these years as he had no friends "No social skills ". When Ains was crying out of his mind for his father to get well soon his father told him never to give up hope and there is always something good in store for u .

    Meanwhile the evil/Ambitious leaders of the kingdom saw the kings illness as opportunity to dethrone him and in the months to come the king and his son Ains had to run for their lives with a few trusted soldiers . They ran across several kingdoms in search of a place where they could be safe finally they stopped by a abandoned house where they toke shelter , the kings men and AIns started to feel at home at the house as they lived out der but since nothing was close by they had to go to the lake for "Fishing" to collect food .

    Things were going smoothly until the kings health suddenly toke a turn for the worst , while he lied awaiting his end , his soon Ains never let his side . The king understood he had nothing growing up other than him and now that he was soon leaving him all alone . So on his dying breath he said "Don't cry! You'll find new friends!" ,and soon after went silent for ever .

    But those words stuck with Ains and hence he left the house which would constantly remind him of his fathers loss and started travelling alone , on his way he met lots of different people and since he was very naive he found himself getting tricked a lot but he never toke it to heart and kept moving forward , as days passed by he started learning a lot of things and he was gaining confidence in himself , just then some of the trusted soldiers that had helped his father and him escaped met him and told him abt the plight of the kingdom that was suppose to be his .

    At first Ains dint feel sorry for them as they had kicked his father out in his time of need , and kept moving along his journey to seek knowledge and above all make friends .

    Years passed by and Ains had kinda become a strong and respectable figure as the talk of his journey and his exploits left an lingering after effect on the people he had met . but one day while he was travelling he saw someone beating up on an old man he ran to the old man defense and gave him something to eat also gave him his jacket to keep warm , the old man's eyes were in tears as soon since he had never felt this way before . Ains asked him why they were beating on him and that's when he told him abt his dark past , he used to be an worker at an alchemy shop that was run by powerful people who wanted to change peoples minds into following them around like dogs, upon hearing this Ains bust out in laughter but apologized and said "Ooops..". He expained that he dint mean to be rude but the things the old man said were too good to be true , that's when the old man showed him the device , Ains couldn't take his eye off it , it was just that amazing . Ains asked what it actually did and the old man wore the ring and said watch this , he went up to the most beautiful girl around in the village and started to convince her to marry him , she refused out loud at first but as the old man kept talking she seemed to agree with the old man and decided to go ahead with it , this really shocked Ains , but the old man dint go ahead with it and let the girl go , but now Ains was really looking forward to know more this was something he had never heard of before , it was like something inside him was attracting it towards it . He asked the old man what they would call this device and the old man in a slow and low voice said "Menhir" .

    The old man saw how naive Ains was and was just flattered by his curiosity for knowledge and gave him the Menhir as for helping him out of danger earlier , ains was on top of the moon when he had the device in hand ,but he knew never to use it for evil and thanked the old man for his wonderful tales on enlightenment and went on with his journey , that when he met a girl who was taking a shower beside the lake where Ains was resting , Ains woke up abruptly because she was singing while taking a bath , but his curiosity dint let him leave it at that , he had to know who it was that had such a beautiful voice . As the voice kept getting louder and louder he found himself next to a small waterfall on the other side of the lake nd that when he laid eyes upon the girl who was naked , as soon as the girl saw Ains she shouted for help and Ains went on to confront her to clear suspicions as they talked she started to like Ains and his childish nature , but they were soon interrupted by soldiers who were der for the girl , Ains dint understand the whole situation at hand but knew he had to get her away from them and so he tried using the ring to talk the soldiers out of chasing her , and to Ain's surprise it worked like a charm and the soldiers where on their way in no time . That moment the girl completly fell for Ain's and told her the whole story and Ain's understood what she had been going through and decide to take her with him on his journey , they kept walking around for several days before they found a yet another abandoned home at the center of a forest as they got in the girl screamed on top of her voice upon seeing several spiders lurking around , AIns comforted her saying they were harmless but she said " No one likes spiders" upon which both of them started laughing and this is where the story of Ains the king began as he started to grow his influence around the villages everyone started to support him for his noble causes and the girl and him lived happy ever after .

    Name : AinsOoalGown Server : Com2x3

    Hope u enjoyed it guys :D

    Merry Christmas to all

    Holy moly, players complaining about premade teams, I feel old and disgusted. A few years ago this was the very standard, all big then-still-alliances were mostly premade.

    Dude , i understand what ur trying to say and for ur information i have been on quite of few of such team but i still feel its not cool to have the same team over and over that's all . Its not like my comment hurt anyone's feeling and ppl would stop doing it :D

    I feel that you cant just remove spiking nor stop active raiders to over farm grey areas over other players on the server .

    It all comes down to what each player choose to do themselves .

    Also regarding removing DEF points on inactive is not cool . Not just because it would be hard to find the guy spiking , but also because its not easy to spike so give the guy some credit if he is going for it :D

    Now coming to inactive villages turning grey and making them public to all after 7 days is not a big issue but is a disadvantage to the guy who clear them out in the first place let him feast longer on his prey before he shares his Earnings

    I feel all KINGS should have equal standing when the game starts , and each server should be a new start for all .

    If someone from another server comes along with 40 other members then obviously other cant compete with them .

    So if we go on joining them just because we cant beat them then every server will have only a few Kingdoms at the top every time and i dont think that's cool .

    I'm not an expert , nor do i say i have a solution to stop this from happening but i feel this should be looked into as this will cause more and more players to be forced to do something they dont like .

    I dont know for sure but im sure its not easy to implement new tribes in the game .

    But i do feel we can add a few more variety in the existing tribes .

    Adding more options to players will also help bring a new perspective to each tribe as well as a lot more fun for all the vetran players out there to experience something new :D

    this is just a suggestion but would really love to see something like that soon :D