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    I've given myself the task to tell the beutiful story of young Nestor.'s road to become an artist. Part 2 will be coming soon.

    Hey Ryland . I think ur taste in art is quite fascinating.

    Here's a little something to get you to a higher level.

    With love, Joker

    Well. It is pretty well known that nobody can draw like Bob Ross does it. I draw the line here, I will never be that good.

    What a beutiful piece of art, Nestor. It is a bit one-dimensional tho. You could consider using more colour to lighten up the drawing. Also, you need to put your soul into drawing. It is a aesthetic piece, you know.

    Because of all the positive feedback on my drawing, I'll in fact make a new one. Great art calls for great responsibility. I'll make sure not to leave you out to dry this time. I now realize what my actions has caused.

    ryland, u are useless and indiscreet.

    I think I located the problem here, my fellow friends. You feel left out? I'm gonna make a new drawing, and I promise you, I wont ever again make you feel left out. My lack of judgement got the better of me. I didn't think it would hurt so many people that I only included myself.

    I think it is time to shut your mouth Ryland. You are embarrasing not only yourself, your kingdom too.

    Well, if i was to shut my mouth, I would still have the abillity to write and draw, just what I need. I don't talk on behalf of my Kingdom, that is why i removed them from the map and put myself in there insted.

    But I see you're not quite fund of my drawings. I think it is okay. Art, related to taste at least, is subjective.

    as i see some BM members like Ryland are just adolescents or asocial. I think you should focus on your team's devolopment and education instead of taking care of our villages, our game style

    You made that assumption by looking at a drawing I made?

    But I think you're on the right track, Smile the great. I'm gonna teach the other BM members how to make fantastic and aesthetic drawings. Maybe, just maybe, some day they can be drawing male organs on a Travian map too. I don't think you should get your hopes too high, it is not an easy task, I tell you.

    According to drawing this game is useless.So, drawing for an useless thing doesn't make it useful.

    No, no, no. You misinterpretate it wrong. Only certain things on the map is useless. The beutiful quadrant in the left coroner, to the buttom is not a useless part of the map.

    You shouldn't play this useless game, go do something useful in your life.

    I am doing something useful with my life. I'm drawing something. Did u know, drawing is a way of thinking, an art.

    wow, so BM players started to draw male reproduction organs. Very nice. You show you true colors. This place started to smell like pure testosterone.

    Yes, a very good observation. I reuploaded it so it's easier to see :) I might do a new map update on day 50 or 60. I can draw an ekstra penis if u like to?

    Hello everyone. I took the liberty to remake the map that serski has made. I feel like the map underrepresented key aspects of the map. I've fixed that. As u might see I'm pretty skilled in paint and other programs in that category. I hope u like the new and improved map. I've written some key words on the map too. That way it is easier to identify the Kingdoms.