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    Tell me one server where I simmed and I will prove you wrong :) and I believe Neoflex and Robbel could do the same.

    lots of metas, not interesting.


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    isnt that true>

    you play only with nambers, this kingdom version is much easier then legends, but not many people are playing, because its not interesting even in middle game if in server is kingdom top one positione >50% more playas then in positione numero two, then positione 3 is from 2 to 4 time smaller then numbero one. it's not interesting like that

    agreed, I voted no.

    I really like the main concept of Travian Kingdoms.

    Couldn't say it any better (y)

    Com servers are bigger for a reason. More players, more off armies, more def units. If you set limits to the amount of players in the kingdom and somehow prevent the use of wings to work together, then you will end up with servers like the smaller ones who have just been deleted. Fewer def units while off armies remain the same size. I played several of those servers, and def leader is not a nice job. Not enough def to defend everything you want, so you need to make hard choices. And we all know what happens if you guess wrong: your server is all but over. Months of time invested wasted with only a bunch of "ifs" and "maybes" to look forward to. Players will start deleting to start on another server, and then you lose even the if and maybe.
    Furthermore, it will destroy the thing I love most about TK: that every player can contribute in his or her own way. Not everyone wants 15 villages and 200k+ in troops. These small players will no longer find a place in the top kingdoms (due to the limit) and will not play anymore. This will drain the player base and be the end of TK

    Give me the servers like they are now. Make a test server with restrictions or start a special world about it. But definitely DO NOT add this feature to normal servers.

    nothing mor from simmers like you three to be expected

    like to play simcity, saw it few times, always delete when server is boring, since then there no reson to play