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    لعبت 4 سيرفرات كاملة COM2, COM3, COM1, COM2.

    لا التزم بدور دفاعي او هجومي

    ابني جواسيس ودفاع و ghost hammers

    So this is getting ridiculous, first i can't transfer gold from lobby to dual's village. and now the 2 Payment methods i use are disabled ?!!!!!!!!!!?? it says "This provider is temporarily disabled due to malfunctioning." and one of them is wire transfer, How on EARTH wire transfers get malfunctioned ?

    We don't have Paypal won't serve us in turkey to just buy with it. our 2 only pay options are disabled.


    travian won't think of or add such features until it's too late for anyone to care about travian's new features. they seem to have very small team to work on kingdoms and they don't have an engine to develop the game, it's all native programming going behind travian i think. and they don't seem to embrace newer technologies easly.

    gaming industry is rapidly evolving and travian still stick to their old methods - companies with such mentality don't make it in realty and they end up as a history topic in a wikipedia page.

    also the features that communtiy want will be better integrated in an new game by travian. it will give them more space to play-tweak or install new concepts for the game.

    Darklord was more then a snake he was a venomous spider who had great ambitions and no one likes spiders.

    I reached here and stopped. i suggest you delete and re-wright this my friend :)

    edit: for some reason when i quoted you, some other profile has been quoted...

    nah. not really

    gauls's trapper and doubled cranny are everything a beginner needs (4k-8k cranny with 100 traps are enough for a beginner to develop and avoid being a farm). you assume that beginners do some research before playing and i can say that was never the case.

    swordsman isn't really that much expensive to build early on for hideouts. carrying capacity is an issue with gauls infantry. but still gauls are the best options for newbies.

    So, just two weeks ago, i bought Plus for 164 gold 33% off on (COM2) and now i wanted to buy another Plus on another server (COM3) and it's 194 Gold 33‬%‬ off. WHY????
    the same goes for the Resource bonus

    Hi everyone,

    I played on COM2 for 16 days, i bought a 600 gold package.
    i spent most of it (plus, production bonuses, Auctions, etc)
    i now on COM3 i like it more, and want to delete my avatar on COM2 where i bought the gold.
    On COM2 if i sell all the hero inventory and transfer silver coins to gold along with whats left of unspent gold, will it move to lobby on deleting the avatar ? ?(