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    interesting. i think i like this idea. it would lessen the whole rush to 15c- which is only possible for the 2nd settlement IF u are paying gold. that concept makes me mad.

    this would mean you are already set up and have several villages producing infastructure as well as resources to produce enough troops to take them down.

    and if you can get the mobile app to work as well as the browser, you know you'll get an influx of new players. mobile games is huge. i know a ton of travian legends players who play mostly on their phone.

    oh man i hate the app it is so bugged and slow. there isn't even a troop simulator anywhere in there. just add support for the browser on phones, be a lot easier. can't read reports, takes forever to check anything. it takes less time to drive home and use ur own pc.

    I do not like this idea. in essence you will penalize the entire server to have less people in their kingdoms, because the game has been around long enough there are super veterans, and people who have played well together for multiple servers. This is not a good approach to things.

    It would be better if you encorparate a way to message players outside of the server. perhaps have PM messages. in addition have a way to perminately make a kingdom that automatically reserves the name and players as members when they join. could be really cool to see longer standing stats than just within each server.

    Another ability with this, is having new player kingdoms. there would be people like me, who enjoy helping other players learn the ropes. could have a forum threat to post for looking for players for their kingdom. looking for people to mentor in new player kingdoms. perhaps give kingdoms who offer new player joins get a bonus perk for victory points? could be small like 2% or something. or more of a bonus the more percentage of players are new.

    I love the UI and ability to make permanent friends in the kingdoms as opposed to legends, but what you are suggesting is to limit the kingdoms instead of encouraging the idea of UI permanence to the kingdoms as well, instead of backtracking to limiting it like alliances.

    You need to know, that people are already doing this on discord. creating discord servers for perminant kingdoms and player groups, including roles for duke/king. these kingdoms will rule as is. putting a limit on players will not change that, it will just increase the distance between these kingdoms and new players, as new players won't even have numbers to their benefit.

    I have been looking all over the wiki, and forums, but i CANNOT find the rules for duels. me and my husband both have an account on one server. can we set eachother as duals? or do i need to delete mine to be his dual?

    where are the T & C ? apparently i accepted those too? i can't find them anywhere.