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    Hi y'all,

    At the risk of being blocked for trying to necro a very old thread... it's sad to see the playground here looking so quiet for such an active game. I'm new here (as if you couldn't see my status already!) and trying to make friends in this strange new world... so I thought I'd try adding some headings to see if that helps... (with all due apologies to any admins if I am doing wrong - but I guess you can close this down if you are unhappy :)) …

    Country: UK - the Welsh bit of it

    Job: Mum... and therefore general dogsbody

    Kingdoms server(s) Com 4 - first play and enjoying it so far

    Favourite Colour: Blue

    Favourite music: Rock

    Last place you visited: Barcelona - wow that city is amazing

    If you could be any character from a computer game - what would you be? R2D2 from lego star wars... 'cos Star Wars AND Lego AND computer games all together is just awesome!

    Now, is anyone game for cutting and pasting the headings and kicking this into life.. 'cos this thread is a great idea... and it would be good to know a little more about this game's community...

    Intriguing and mysterious! No, I'm not talking about the game itself... I'm talking about the selection of symbols that sit below / beside the avatars. Can anyone translate the selection of stars, flags, colours and bars for me? My apologies if it is listed somewhere - but a (quick) search has failed to find it! :/