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    Guess you know more then us :)

    Can you explain what happened a bit more? (except that Maks/NANC kicked everyone).

    That will be a long-long story. We were young and choose bad girlfriend to be married on (GF).

    Now we divorced.

    In short. They didn`t do anything at raund (no off, no deff help, no answers even when they wasn`t under attack no one helped). After they loose WW (40 mins between chiefs without off and off) some of them (Avgustin and accs, which he sitted) started make politic posts, pictures and any other things, which 11 angry kids can do about Darkness players (LOL). We kicked him. Noally or his sitter kicked all. And both started attack us and GGG.

    But we still here..

    Со временем браузерки выходят из моды -> игроков становится меньше -> прибыль меньше -> становится настолько мало, что содержание разработчиков обходится непосильно дорого и неокупаемо.

    Мобильное приложение делать вообще с нуля надо, а не доделывать. Но и это, и реклама стоит, опять же, много.

    Закономерно отсутствие прогресса отсутствием вложений и дохода.