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    I guess propaganda works well in russia. Every communist country uses a similar 'us vs them' propaganda, and it works.

    This is just a game where most players know that many many many russian players cheat.

    And it's not the players' fault - cheating seems to be morally acceptable in some cultures.

    Call the adults to the monitor please.

    I would pay you a lot of respect for all the ops youre running. But as a matter of fact, you play with rough estimate 3-4 accounts worth of ress production to crash and rebuild your hammer once a month. Its insane and pathetic to now come out like its all due to your operation planning, why do we catch your hammers most of the time then... xD

    For the proof part, look at the area around KGB. Was nicely populated, until he was banned a couple of days. All his kingdom around him perma banned multis, but because multihunters dont matter anymore, he was not unly unbanned but kept his entire army.

    Bro, if you give me your illegal high res production, i would sit at this server with 1 million+ def points. Too bad some/most of us play the game the legal, intended way ;)

    If we have 3-4 accounts each, from which resources are taken, does this mean that you are defeated by a kingdom of 4-5 times fewer players? :/

    What are those conversations saying? That they have a sitter triangle? Whats so special about it? Saw that in many kingdoms, nothing illegal about it :O You even say yourself you dont think he is or have multi accounts, so what is your mission here on the forum?

    You really can`t read what is whrote here and why it is not sitters mechanic? Sitters can`t send attacks and e.t.c.

    Or farm non-active gaul which frees their troops from their traps.

    As you all can see, taijland and his kingdom buddies are not just cheaters in game, they are also sneaky on the forums.

    As expected.

    As you all can see, katana and his kingdom buddies are not just cheaters in game, they are also sneaky on the forums.

    As expected.


    But the difference between you and me is that I don't know how to send kats 20 seconds after my own off XD

    Yes, unfortunately I know cheaters get away with it, and your multis will be unbanned. This is your play style, I know these 6 banned accounts represent a tiny percentage of your multis there.

    Too bad some kingdoms can choose to play like this. Nobody should support this.

    Above, your duke admits that you own the log-passes of non-playing players and play with them. A screenshot of the conversation, not empty chatter.

    And you're still pushing the old memorized speech..

    And they would be unbanned.

    But if you want to have a talk about shared log and pass of another accs

    (admins likes delete screens with names)

    scammers shout something about scam lol

    Not sure Morphy made a good trade on that one. Why did two smaller hammers waste themselves by landing before Morphy instead of after? Maybe I have played too long and my brain is mushy but I always sent the biggest hammer in first then the second biggest and so on....

    My bad, I see by order sent that 4 small hammers landed before the main hammer of Morphy's.

    Cuz Morphy allways attack after all other. In all ops.

    Maybe you should try to join a active kingdom many of us have been at war since day 3 defending and doing off ops everyday day and night

    Maybe you should stop making silly assumptions based on your ignorance.

    If your first week is so hard for you, then the problem is not the lack of chat. Search the kingdom more actively. They will teach.

    Ранее при обращении в ТП была озвучена позиция: "Аккаунты с одинаковым айпишником не баним, т.к. он может совпадать даже у совершенно разных людей, находящихся в разных местах".

    При этом стоит помнить, что на Вас в таком случае будут распространяться правила игроков с общим подключением: "Ограничения на передаче ресурсов, на фарм и иные совместные действия". Не помню где подробно об этом написано, но где-то есть.

    But all are working atm >_>"

    You're funny. I think he's actually advocating for the others who don't have what his kingdom has.

    He says what he says.

    Conjectures "I think he means something completely different from what he says" - that's what's funny.

    Is there a problem? Yes.

    Is it serious so that in the first week you will be fed? No.

    Not every kingdom is a huge organized meta with discord and other organization tools outside of the game :) While you profit from the server issues by communicating through other channels, the players/kingdoms without them are left defenseless and alone.

    If players are forced to use other methods to communicate and organize their troops then it is the game which has failed at properly providing this service.

    All players and kingdoms, big or small, should be given a fair chance to compete using what the game SHOULD be providing.

    I agree. But this is not such a big problem that players in the first week of the game are unable to continue playing.

    They wrote here that it is impossible for a kingdom of 100+ people to defend itself due to the lack of a chat. It's funny. This is not the middle or the end of the game, where situations like this could be critical.

    This is the week where half of the server is still protected from attack.

    It's inconvenient to play, I don't argue, but arguments from the category "There is no way to request a deff, so the entire initial stage of the game is lost for us" ... If the problem for you is not to die in 1 week of the game, when the protection of newcomers is still in effect, then perhaps you really should leave and play something like Tetris. Although you can lose there too...

    Don't forget that your opponent has the same problems.

    And all communication is usually carried out in third-party programs - like discord. The problem of this server in the initial stages is not as bad as some whine here. Inconvenient - yes, but no more.

    I think the administration will be able to make amends for the inconvenience.

    However, the mechanics of the game have much more serious problems that surfaced on com1. I do not know if the problem on this server is a consequence of solving the problem on com1, but I would like to believe so.

    And believe me, it is better to press f5 the first and second weeks than at the end of the second week to meet an army against which all your 100 players will not gain deff. Then you will definitely retire.

    If the problem is found and solved - the best than you can help is not to interfere.

    For some players it will be second server where they will delete after spending gold.

    Com1 players with 1,4k pop in first day and 8kk res in troops on 14 day of server. Admins say: "Not our problem. We won`t ban as so as we won`t refund gold".

    Ok, fust deleted and start new server. Ok, 500-3k gold spend for nothing, but we could play new server and it wold be ok...

    And what now? We have to delete from this server too?

    Start -> spend gold -> delete -> repeate