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    Dear players

    the next test round will start soon!

    On Tuesday, February 5 at 2:00 pm CET

    • World speed: 3x
    • Troop speed: 2x
    • game version: 0.91 - menhir era

    What will be tested:

    We are switching to another Help Center Software and will handle your Customer Service Tickets differently. Before we are doing the switch on the current live worlds, we want to test some background workflows with the test round.

    We might close the registration for this round early. As soon as we decided on it, I will post an update here.


    To get more early and midgame action I would love to see having artefacts in game, wich provide special boni for all members in a kingdom.

    - Def Arte --> each activated arte in kingdom produces 5% Def Bonus for all members.

    - Off Arte --> each activated arte in kingdom produces 5% Off Bonus for all members.

    - Stonemason Arte --> each activated arte in kingdom makes buildings 30% stronger

    - Speed Arte -> each activated arte makes troops 10% faster

    - Training Speed Arte -> each activated arte in kingdom let members train troops 10% faster

    Every kingdom can have a maximum of 5 activated Artefacts at the same time.

    Please NO! I dont like that idea....

    We want to make it more challenging for players to get those 15c. To achieve this goal, we thought about a solution and want to present it to you. Please, read the concept, ask questions and give us constructive feedback on it.

    I think your primary intension with that new idea is that players, who are new to the game, also have the chance to get a cropper, right?

    But these new or semi-active players will not benefit from the changes, the race about croppers will still be there only in a different way and later in the game.

    Easiest way would be to increase 15c and 9c fields on map.

    I also like the idea of terra-forming the fields in your capital --> in creating terra-from cards ( similar like additional building slot card) you could make a lot of money, lol....


    I think new players shouldn't settle a 15c at all. You need some gaming skills to benefit from such a cropper. If you dont know how to use it, it will probably slow down your growth.....

    I dont think that smaller kingdoms would bring more early action.

    As a leader I dont see any sense of doing early off operations, because...

    - there are not enough rams and or catapults / chiefs for doing serious damage

    - in the early game it's easy to defend --> less targets, cheap wall, usually low amount of rams...

    - most players have to focus on economy first before running military buildings 24/7

    - fakes seem to be expensive at this stage of game

    I dont see that big kingdoms are a problem.

    I have been playing a lot of test servers (x3 speed and the x5 speed) the last 3 years on which are usually 3-4 big premade teams ( mostly 1-2 Russian ones , a Hungarian one and a international team) and I really liked the game play. We always had thrilling endgames. Of course, in TK everything is focused on the endgame, but Im fine with that. I like to prepare 30 - 40 days for the big battles at the end of server. Maybe that would be different on a normal speed server, but I dont play those... :-)