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    Raaaj, you guys did great, came down to the wire, and we barely got through to knock your WW down 1 level to hold out for the victory. you should be proud of what you accomplished, I look forward to playing against you again.

    This may be the wrong place but I have another one to add. for the iPhone app ( and I assume on other phones) trying to set trades is horrible. the slider is worthless, how about letting me type in the amount of resources I want to trade or at least set it based on my merchant carrying capacity. If I want to set a trade for 5K crop for 5K clay for example in my kingdom I have to move the slider as close as I can to 5K then tap the + or - button 50 times then do the same for the resource I want in return so that I can create a 1:1 trade. Im sure there is a better way and I am just old and don't understand the technology, but just in case I figured I'd post the idea here. how about letting me tap the resource once and if my merchant carry 500 resources it adds 500 to the trade, if I tap it 10 times it adds 5K to the trade or ten merchants. and maybe have a button for 1:1 the way you do for kingdom only trades, that way I don't have to do anything for what I want in return except pick the resource.

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    1. Valuable resource, your troops' lives depend on


    2. Type of troop movement


    3. Valuable good, generating victory points, often stolen or collected from other players


    4. Left hand item, used mainly for protection in the real life, grants fighting strength in Travian


    5. Healing item, your hero loves it after a hard battle


    6. Elite Roman defensive unit


    7. Sells delicious food in real life, helps with the crop production in Travian


    8. Hides your resources during a battle


    9. Fierce animal, sometimes found in oases


    10. A list often used to raid other players/villages


    I like the reallocation idea. sometimes I have a few too many and think I am building TT's when I'm building pathfinders, it would be great to wake up the next morning and minimize this mistake with out having to make my neighbors pay for it with their resources. after all what are we if were not good neighbors.

    I reached here and stopped. i suggest you delete and re-wright this my friend :)

    edit: for some reason when i quoted you, some other profile has been quoted...

    nothing personal just need a gaul name for the story, so I took the first one that came up. if you translate nam win from latin I probably PO'd the top two players on the server. its actually the historical story of Caesars victory in Gaul, most the names are lost to history so I used those two, call it poetic license.

    Vercingetorix leader of the Gaul’s lived a quiet life fishing among the banks of the Seine, a reluctant leader of a divided people of loosely knit tribes. Like any people Gaul’s had their snakes among them. Venomous creatures desiring only the growth of their own influence caring little for the general welfare the tribe, worst among them Darklord. Darklord was more then a snake he was a venomous spider who had great ambitions and no one likes spiders. Between Darklords evil ambitions and the recent arrival of a new Empire in the Valley Vercingetorix life and that of his people was soon to change.

    Before long Darklord had hatched a plan with the lieutenant of Ceasar general of the Empire, the infamous Nam Win. They worked breeding division among the Gaelic tribes waiting for the time ripen. That fall just before the harvest when the men should have been laboring in the fields Nam win laid siege to the Gaul citadel at Alesia. Building two sets of fortifications both inward and outward the romans dared Vercingetorix to lift the siege while they starved the people of Alesia. Outnumbering the Romans four to one Vercingetorix lead a valiant charge on the Roman fortifications. Victory seemed secure when suddenly the Gaelic Haeduan turned inward on their own flank. Pinned between the roman fortifications and the onslaught of their own cavalry the Gaul’s fought valiantly but succumbed to ultimate defeat.

    During the surrender to Ceasar Darklord, Vercintegorix most trusted marshal was entrusted with the execution of Vercingtegorix. Realizing the betrayal that had lead to his defeat a look of horror came across Vercintegorix face. Upon damming him to hell Darklord said as he raised the executioners ax over his head, “I am sending you to hell, but don’t cry! You’ll find new friends!”

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