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    Yes, the delay was due to the bugggggg :D

    Can you imagine the amount of frustration, bewilderment , and panic I have lived through for about an hour trying to sell stolen goods so that the hard work of all the TÜRK ☾✰ players won't go to waste? My hands were shaky and my heart was racing at 7.30 AM this morning as I was on duty to watch our wonder. I have seen cheating happen before. It was again when the Russian attacked us with an end-of-server army right from week one. And now I really had to pause and wonder! " Why is it always the Russians against the Turks?" Are they seeking to dominate in a world of games where real-world domination seems to be standing in their way?! And what does the Admin whom we fill their pockets with our money have to say about this? Or do they rather step back and watch? Well, I believe they may be part of this whole game to serve their own financial goals. i.,e. business :) Create conflict in a server, root for it, and get the other party to spend money for revenge and power. Travian has lost not only face but also credibility. RIP to our 5 million troops and Welcome to a virtual world that is not detached from but actually mirrors this world's reality!

    I dont understand how a player can have 90k troops apart from 4k rams and a few hundreds of catapults on day 13 of the game!!! Can someone explain how this can even be possible? :/