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    That was a very good attempt and it was very close!
    I really liked that plan and I enjoyed the panic it created at OCG.
    It was beautiful to see ^^


    It is not about the fog itself.
    It is about optimization.

    First and foremost you should remove the fog from the village few, it is really annoying to look at.
    Secondly there needs to be some serious optimization on the map overview. It can't be that hard to make a max 200x200 map with some popups and a transparent fog on it viewable in a browser without using gigabytes of ram and freezing my browser tab for several seconds up to minutes when trying to open the map (it is faster to F5 until the map loaded properly in most cases). There are some major issues with the map overview itself, as it has always had issues since TK beta.

    It is also not about "bad computers" that are affected by it, a lot of players with all ranges of hardware are affected.
    These are implementation issues and there is not much we can suggest there other than fixing the implementation itself

    x5 needed RAM because it was 5 times faster.

    Elaborate on this please. How does it need more memory for more speed?
    Only thing I can think of is more players, but that is not "because it was 5 times faster".
    In itself it is an issue coming from none optimized code or some suboptimal decisions in the development process.
    A browsergame like travian should not use gigabytes or ram or have heavy lagging issues when opening the map, even with loads of players.

    It will take 24 hours for vacation mode to activate. During your vacation other players are not able to start attacks on you. Your resource production (wood, clay and iron) will be zero and is then increased by ‭‭100‬%‬ for the same duration after your vacation.

    Your treasures won't produce any victory points during your vacation.

    The issue at hand is that you can cancled the vacation mode activation shortly before it is active and then queue the vacation mode again.

    You will never actually enter the vacation mode, hence you will not loose VP production and you can still move your troops around freely etc. No negatives to it.
    Your benefit is that players cannot send attacks on you that would hit after your vacation started, meaning essentially you are untargetable for the amount of runtime your enemies have to you every day on speeds (with 24hrs activation time).

    I would have done the same if I had not been a duke or king. They basically send troops to where there is a treasury. What should I disband all allied forces in order to kill all the troops? What nonsense)

    If you do not send catapults in the attack your treasury will not be hurt.
    If you or your kingdoms players attack your treasury, no treasures will be lost in the long run (though you will need to collect them again).

    The moment you clear the enemy troops in your own treasury you can immediately put defense in there again. You can even time defense to arrive right after the hit if you are afraid of a ghost hammer hitting your treasury right after you cleared it.

    Menhir itself is not that bad.
    Also current fast settling is skill based and not luck based, so it is doable.

    But menhir hammers are, while not against the game rule, definitly not intended and ruin the game balance.
    The same goes for vacation abusing, though that might actually be exploiting game mechanics for an advantage that is not even in the game design.
    Menhir hammers are kind of in the game design. While not inteded in game balancing, you could argue they are not good for the game.
    Vacation abusing to make your treasures unhitable around midnight every night is definitly not the intended use of the mechanic and should fall under abusing game mechanics and really needs a change

    The fact, that this gets downvoted is actually sad and redicioulous

    Attack your own village.

    If they send troops with low def values (Meaning off troops), just kill them all.
    If they send defense troops, then send away enough defense so you easily kill all the troops without loosing too many troops yourself. (100 vs 50 means you loose more than 100 vs 10)
    They will not do it again.

    They are basically giving you their troops so you can perfectly plan how to kill them.
    It is a not weakness of the game, your enemies are just stupid and you need to think about how to exploit that.

    Why do you always say it is "on the weekend"? We are having lagging issues every evening (server time), like right now (Monday, 10:16pm server time).
    I tried to send def and couldn't do so for over 5 minutes because the map was no loading (all squares empty/none responsive), Profiles of players were not loading and over the rally point it would not let me select any villages when I entered the coords, resulting in me not being able to send a timed def and missing several waves here that could have been snipped.
    Additionally we cannot dare to start timed ops due to regular lagging issues (ever other hours or so, there is an "event jam" or whatever you call it when the server cannot keep up processing the game events + heavier stuff like every evening), we often cannot do def calls, because chat is down for several hours (nearly) every day since this server started.

    All I want to say is, this issue is bigger than "some frustration" on weekends.
    Every day of the week there is stuff happening that are resulting in damage done to Kingdoms and Players.
    At least I got my one exp scroll to give my hero 1/200th of a level up (39 -> 40)

    At the beginning of a round try to contact a king in game.
    Ask them if you can join them and boast a bit about your previous travian experience.
    Most likely a king will take you in and either relocate (menhir) you to a proper spot or you can settle in the kingdom borders and he/she can invite you.
    At the first some days of a server kingdoms still relocate towards the WWs or wherever they want to spend the rest of the server.
    So you blindly settling somewhere will not work. Also kingdoms usually do not like it if you just settle in their borders without ever having contact. They will probably just cata down your village in that case, so contact them first

    Limiting a players ability to build troops on the "first few weeks" would reduce the competetivness of the game.
    It would not make it "fair" or help the game in any "balancing" way.
    Others having 10k+ armies and catas after 1 week on 5x is no suprise and really just how the game works.
    Limiting troop production early on would make it a sim fest and then make all players start building troops over the limit at the same time. Not only will this hurt off players since the difference between a good and a great hammer is usually based on the early game (Who starts GB/GS first, who cleared a lot of people early on without many losses to secure good private farms, etc.). It will make worse players stay on even grounds with better players when exchanging blows early on, which while sounding good for a "casual", takes away the fun for players who are dedicated to competition.
    Additionally it would heavily impact the balance between off and def players (who usually profit from simming more than off players) in the early to mid game immensly.

    Overall I must say introducing any time of limitation to the game that go against the basic game design (If you have the ressouces and wait the time, you get more troops, hence more firepower towards your enemy) will only make Travian even more unpopular.

    Always remember that the people buying the most gold are the most competetive ones.