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    I sent scouts to raid, settled on red marked lot reserved, killed own troops in oasis, joined top defensive all def kingdom, settled 15 cropper in WW area away from kingdom's WW on the other end, played until end and kicked to free slots for players from other kingdoms crying to be winners of the round. Sheesh but some good experiences.

    There should be a server/round where you can't join your previous kingdom. (Account tagged in emblem) Surely a fair round to new players

    I played travian and found travian kingdom. Same theme, differs on some progress stack and rules like hero will never be killed while on 'boots of chicken'. I was rejecting the changes on playing. I found the players are into it like new to travian, made community of noobs really or classic travian are just lurking, not giving help, but I do as my revenge coz I never played the classic ending a game world and players there are 9!(k$ like me building traps and teuton rush builders begging to have them released (HahaHa) btw classic travian are strict with multiple accounts that's why you can make players cry with Gauls hehehe

    It's typically same as attacking active village and you cannot see who're those reinforcing it.

    yeah but if you remove Queen from the board you do it for both sides, now this is looks like "defender" got one and the person who raid don't because no one will find out who did this

    "the defenders Queen"

    The fairness of this strategic challenge comes from gains "Attackers gets resource loots. Defenders saves crops."

    and burdens to both offensive and defensive plays.

    For being defenders of grey village, truth are:

    1) defense will never know attacker's number due rally point information cannot be obtained;

    2) cannot spike to max due crop and granary information cannot be obtained unless experimented, same as;

    3) will lose troops altogether with another player unaware of reinforcing an already reinforced grey village;

    4) may be spied on and be wiped out off-guard (something practical)

    5) good reinforcing will surely ask crops timely and will increment in time, now not entirely saving crops.

    Having information is an advantage leading to make smart moves.

    Taken a village is not of any kingdom, the usual is nobody knows that village would turn grey, nor when.
    In this matter, offensive players is in a better position, smelling village details due attacking previously, and may have presumptions player is to delete. Attacker is already prepared to send successful attacks when it becomes reinforced, or, may intend to reinforce it themselves.

    This is also supposed to be a leverage to snowballing effects as player/s always getting successful farms.
    Thus, removing this feature is entirely feeding a greed.

    This featured challenge obliges both offensive and defensive plays to take it seriously. Not knowing info is plain ignorance.

    Yet, mastering the advantages of grey villages, formulating villages into grey, and make use of such scheduled for future use is full mental

    Lessen strategies to make players more comfortable is like removing the Queens in playing chess.

    This process is like removing something to bother about, or, somebody is able to make use of this and some can not or will not. Like full-offensive players do not appreciate it like defensive players because they never train defensive troops at all.

    And I assume those saying 'Yes' are indeed not playing defensive, and wants to remove an obstacle which is defensive player's advantage.

    Removing a feature like this makes it less fun or turning into boring.

    Just like when we select multiple villages and edit troops for them


    3) To delete them

    with catas'? gaul-yikes
    This reminds me of current server round being played. Got series of attacks with just a second interval of arrivals each minimum 7 attacks per wave.
    I report my suspicion to Travian Support and got answer "a Tab in Rally Point" and i presume it's FarmList.
    Ticket closed so I intend to perform the same on my farmlist but I cannot find how to add catas!

    So is there another tab for catas?

    Back to the topic: I agree with RK :thumbup:

    and if we can include catas please call it SeigeList

    This convinces players not to train more troops that will just starve once truce lifts. Players expects others does the same.

    Full-mental players push training and send all troops together on 1 suicide mission to biggest target they would find.

    Hope it won't be sieges, else it will be "Fireworks" after the truce.

    all kingdoms attack same camps :)

    no need to give power to king because camps will not be exclusively theirs.

    But then what is the point of a King stopping attacks a robber camp?

    As he would stop only his own kingdom's attacks, but not the other kingdom's attacks... not very wise...

    King has power to kick players already, so for me probably tribute becomes bigger on a different % tax bracket for every camps attacked and applies to all villages with ceiling upto 50% of resource production until next robber camps show up.

    The revocation of dukes done by King or Vice King should be approved by the VK or K.

    A revocation of the king or the vice king should be possible with a unanimous vote from the rest of the crowns (4 dukes + K or VK)

    or with an checklist of which are allowed and not, just like with SS info sharing and sitter privileges.

    This has been part of the game, taken there is SS (secret society) and sitters/duals, and made this very game somehow realistic.
    And to some, this game is seriously closer as real, closer than the "Among Us" game.

    Just to spoil, people are able to bring out their Machiavellian. Enjoyable.

    On the other side, players lose interest playing after a betrayal: deleting account, withdrawing gold from server.

    Can be not so inviting to have other's playing too.

    Somehow there should be like a 'warning' sign (diasclaimer) right in everyone's faces that this game is indeed is "that".

    Let this thread serve to balance betrayals versus trust and lead to further enjoyment of the game.
    You can report players you know has reputation doing this or form a "Police" kingdom, anything here please...

    A Hackathon would be nice 8)gaul-idea