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    I am able to see attacks of members through kingdom SS probably Dark Community on auto-share reports (i haven't created a Dark yet) This can be a workaround on catching who the culprits are.

    I admit when there's a messed up uncoordinated and non-cooperative camp raiding,

    (only in the first 2 months of camps)

    like (1) when attack count is enough then another pops up arriving sooner,

    I will jump into the act just to beat the guy on the biggest treasure, then wait on kingdom chat where to give the resources but never happened.

    (2) when all camps are being raided at the same time found out who by checking arrival time and pointing at a 'from village', I take the leap of adding raid on 1 camp just to beat it.

    (3) when same raiding happens again pointing same 'from village', i will start to spill the beans on chat but by the time everybody is tired of it

    and to clear my conscience I don't do camps after the first 2 months (unless there's a sitting duck)

    Just to add an experience reading on kingdom chat with player sitting the culprit's account asking for help after finding out, can't remember if it was a calm call or was exhasperrating because of multiple chat lines but this happened on a now ongoing server and can't remember to see how it was resolved but i could recall sitter using the account to report it on chat.

    So like to some, it was just camps for me. Still, it can be devastating (good thing it was not) for players making rapid improvements, and worse is if player is selling the treasures to another kingdom thru another village :cursing:

    We can call it 'greed' but if the greedy guy is really making the kingdom win then I let him be

    (but only with the camps, oasis is another thing).

    having croppers is also added challenge same with natar villages :

    the goal is to be the first, doing 24 second village rush and keep with beginner protection if not with kingdom yet.

    back with oasis, I found elephants on oasis right beside my village. Was rushing for adventures to get cages (3rd adventure I think) now hero gallops and somebody beat me to it. i just take it as part of the game. i know which village did and it went menhir away soonest :P been flagging his village "with elephants"

    (and type name correctly [excuses])

    BTW, due to typing name wrong "Letat". I have not tried deleting/trashing the account.
    If ever i did, can I join the server again? and how many times I can?

    So.....your one of "those" guys......

    you'll put 1k troops in an oasis just to grab that top spot, and screw the guy who's capital has to support a -50k wheat deficit

    ...and the guy who will send raids to every robber camp just to get your treasures :thumbdown:

    no, no, I do not screw camps (whew) and top spot is for just few seconds between before and after using chest :D

    btw, raiding is not for camps. i did that once, only one raid to my assigned camp, and i got scold big time hehe

    i hate guys who do not cooperate but the talks and scoldings reading them is quite fun, turning headaches and heartaches into comedy.

    I believe the oasis is placed there to fight for it which is an added strategic challenge to the game and not entirely just to give bonuses. And when kingdom members cannot arrange, it is political, another challenge indeed.

    About the troop count, it is a good trick when borrowing the oasis for top spot. Like before using crop chest or resource chest, a boost in production will give a better percentage result/number.

    The oasis system is working fine with me. Just need to strategically locate or accept being beaten to it and move on.
    (This also goes for robber camps and having grey villages upon who exclusively farm which or a nobody spikes policy - really adding spices to the game)

    Suggesting King add an option to relocate them back on a placed menhir for the return good for 2 days so nobody could populate at the "relocation from" coordinates yet.
    Also suggesting player himself could do same, opting to move away from a bad relocation.
    Can be another source use of abuse but should eliminate current issues.

    2. I don't like the destroy resources fields after relocate.
    Because If you destroy than you need to refund (otherwise it wont be ok for normal type players + it will slow down the game greatly) and if you refund than highly likely abuse can be happen thru farming MA from some expert players. So no destroy no refund..

    I like it in this manner I can keep the beginner protection. When joining a round late, I cannot jump into action immediately.
    This deducts pop numbers greatly, giving way to train more troops by leveling barracks or stable, wall and smithy, also traps (Gaul).