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    Hi again

    I'm sorry my previous post is not very detailed but unfortunately at the moment I don't have any new/other information than the explanation in the previous post - due to the high number of attacks during these time frames, they're sometimes not counted properly towards the achievement. Sadly we don't have an ETA for the fix yet but we'll let you know as soon as we have one.

    Best regards

    Then might I suggest suspending any future attacks til the problem is totally fixed? That way people don't lose troops and resources, or worse an entire village.......

    I have a Kingdom on com2nx3 we have three active Confederacies, we are looking at Unioning with another Kingdom on the server. And we are active. (When the server isn't laggin so bad for whatever reason that we can't chat LOL) Look us up My name on the server is IceWolf :) Have fun! Because fun is what it is all about!

    Anyone wanna play on com3x3 and is lookin for a good Kingdom contact me in game on IceAngel Im a Duke in my Kingdom and we are always lookin for good players. Even if you are new to the game, come talk to me and I'll help you and get you into the Kingdom. Thank you for listening!

    I would love one without Arabs, they have taken over the com3x3 server with more then 300 people most of the Kingdoms are theirs or Russians. It disgusts me. A GM from Travian inside the game playing with us might staunch that crap from occuring so much, people come in with premade teams of 200 to 300 ruins the server and upsets the game balance. No one can start a Kingdom because of them because no one will join a new Kingdom because of them!

    Well, since my real birthday coincides closely with it, I think more speed, limited Kingdom members to 25 or so and Limited Kingdoms on the server to balance tings out would be nice and some free gold would be good too :) Thanks for the fun game! The com3x3 starts a week before my birthday :)

    I've heard alot of people still telling me about their lag issues, I myself have experienced alot of lag issues this last weekend. So bad infact that attack reports on't view prorrerly and messages or the ability to send messages even player to player message isn't even available. Please for the love of whatever fix the lag! I promise I am not the only one tired of it. Should have run the X5 server in two different X5 servers....with cap limits on how many players can be on each server and you can only play one X5 server or the other, but not both. I knew this server was gonna hit a record of people on it, I knew this lag issue was coming before the server opened.

    Because I don't plan t be in the game if it is experiencing these kinds of insane issues! But I want to know my villages are protected from attacks! Because I lose resources because I don't know til asfter I close the tab in my browser for Travian Kingdoms and open it fresh, refreshing it does not work. So we should have something in place to protgects our villages, specially smaller ones from asttacks during this time.

    I just started experiencing a very odd situation with X5 server....I try to speed things up on my own account and they are still within the 5 minute build and it keeps asking for gold or I speed it up and the page doesn't refresh and when I refresh it myself it doesn't clear! What is going on??