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  • A fateful union (Part 1)

    WhoKnows#EN - - General


    Traumfänger com1x3 Gaul

  • and now again..... how shall we be able to coordinate anything with this? grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • and again, the same problems as we now had so often. No chat at all for several minutes already and it's so essential to have the chat to be able to coordinate everything. Honestly it's meanwhile hard to believe that anything is done in the background. And it's not nice to make promises again and again and say it should have improved whilst nothing has improved!!!

  • and again... chat making problems all day. names disappearing, complete chat window getting white and all chats not visible anymore... why, oh why! This is not fun anymore this morning: Screenshot by Lightshot right now: Screenshot by Lightshot Screenshot by Lightshot Update 19:30: chat already not working for 15 minutes now!!!

  • I already sent you traceroute log some days before when you asked me for this in my ticket! You even replied to me shortly after I had sent this, so how can you say that you did not receive any traceroute logs? We are sending so many screenshots and we as players do really our best to support you so that you are able to find the solution, but nothing changes...

  • Good morning or maybe not so good. Here we go again. Chat window is completely clear, no chats shown at all: Screenshot by Lightshot Will you ever solve this problem not only for a few minutes but for long? this is really annoying!

  • It seemed to be better for a short time, but now things are getting messed up again. The name of the player with who I was just chatting, suddenly disappeared and it showed only "Conversation with" but no name behind (see screenshot). Same thing also happened several times the last days already along with all the other problems mentioned before. Screenshot by Lightshot

  • Camp hideout spawn?

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    I also have my spawn and the other villages quite far from each other, but would like to leave my spawn village as capital. But at the same time I don't want the hideouts to appear there, but rather in the area where I have the new villages. So is it really the only way to change the capital in order to have the robber hideouts appear elsewhere?