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  • Forums FAQ

    Q: How can I search for information/posts/threads?
    A: You can use the search box located in the middle of your screen

    or click the ‘More options’ button to open the advanced search window:

    Q: Someone sent me a message, how can I find it?
    A: Click on your forum name then select messages in the dropdown menu

    Q: How can I hide the foreign language forums?
    A: Click on the ‘Forum On/Off’ button then unmark the corresponding boxes. Please note that you have to unmark all of them.

    Q: How can I find the new posts and the ones I didn’t read yet?
    A: You can use the ‘Unread posts’ button right below your forum name

    Q: How can I find my friend’s forum account?
    A: Open your own profile and click the ‘Search members’ button there

    Then fill in the details in the next window

    Q: How can I send someone a message?
    A: Either open their profile and use the ‘new conversation’ button

    or go to conversations, start a new conversation and add them as participants(you can add more than 1 user to have a group conversation)

    Q: I replied to a post and now I’m subscribed to it, how do I unsubscribe?
    A: Go to the post then click ‘Manage subscription’ and select ‘Do not watch’

    Q: How can I edit my forum signature?
    A: Click on your forum name then go to the signature settings tab
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