Changelog for kingdoms/alliance merge

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    • Changelog for kingdoms/alliance merge

      Dear Players,

      the kingdoms/alliance merge is coming with a lot of small and big changes. To keep up with them all, here is an overview for you:

      Main Changes:

      • Complete overhaul: Alliances no longer exist
      • Dukes can now collect tributes
      • Dukes slots will be reduced to maximum 4 per kingdom
      • Treasuries are unlocked every 4000 treasures
      • The biggest adjustment are the new kingdoms profiles: In this new screen you’ll be able to see some kingdom stats and a good overview about your dukes and governors.
      • You can name your kingdoms now like you could give alliances a name before
      • The strongest duke is crowned king in case the king abdicates
      • The world wonder bonuses will be reduced to 50/33/25/20/15/10/0% for the seven positions in the world wonder ranking (down from the previous 100/50/33/25/20/10/0%).
      Further changes:
      • More information on shared battle reports: Stolen victory points and treasures will now be visible for other players in your kingdom or secret society which whom you are auto-sharing battle reports.
      • In automatically shared reports, you won’t see any more if the defender evaded with his "Boots of the chicken" or not.
      • When a wonder of the world has reached level 50, players won’t be able to switch the kingdom anymore, to improve fairness in the endgame.
      • As you all were waiting for, we inserted an “ignore player” feature for one-on-one conversations. Using it on another player means the player won’t be able to send you messages for 24h
      • The „Climber of the week“ ranking will also be available in the first week
      • We increased the number of governor starting slots per kingdom to 5, meaning more governors will spawn within a kingdoms’ border

      Sharpen your swords and enjoy playing,

      Your Travian Kingdoms Team