Changelog 0.65

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  • Changelog 0.65

    • Animations: The tribute collection buttons are now animated.
    • Attacks against WW: When you want to attack a Wonder of the World, you have to send at least 50 troops.
    • The Spanish and Portuguese Travian Kingdoms players will soon get their own game worlds. That is why we have already implemented these two new domains in the lobby language menu.
    Bug fixes:
    • Kingdom invites: As king, you couldn't invite villages right outside your border anymore. Now, you can invite all villages you have some kind of influence on, even less than 50%.
    • Kingdoms search: The auto complete function was broken when searching for a kingdom's name. It has now been fixed.
    • When attacking a duke with an active treasury, the resources in their tribute fund couldn't be stolen. They can now be stolen.
    • Several minor bug fixes
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