• Pretty sad when a group of people(players) from anywhere in the world cannot do anything without the need to cheat to win.

      It is so bizarre to think of yourselves as all os skilled and powerful but cheated to do it. What skill is that????

      Sad really that you as men and women are so insecure with yourselves that suffering a loss is not something you can handle.

      I have had wins and losses and learn from both. Does it feel bad to lose. Well yes and no. Losing does suck but you must have some sportsmanship and clearly 4umas did not nor did it show any.

      You cannot show any sportsmanship anytime once you cheat.

      So why not put together a team and play a real round without the cheating and lets see how SKILLED you really are.

    • OLEG, You were in on the cheating and i can prove it. Ive been asked not to post conversations in here but i have them. Nothing would pleaser me more than to post 4uma leader conversations with them talking about how we caught them. . Please say somethign to give me a reason to post your conversations here nothing would make me happier right now.
      Nothing worse than bad sportsmanship, only worse is bad sportsmanship from someone who cheats and allows their entire team to cheat. Oleg you owe everyone on com4 an apology for your lies and for your willingness ti cheat. your other thread "Everyone loves a winner" i had to laugh. You had 387 olympic team memvers banned from Rio olympics not including the special olympians who also used steroids. you almost had that many cheating on com 4 and you often denied knowing about it but i can post a screenshot here very easioly that shows Oleg knew all about the cheating. . you have no morals nor integrity. you should have just won and stayed quiet but you choose instead to rub salt in the wounds of your opponents. I really really really wnat to put the conversation here but some of our other leaders have asked me not to. say the wrong thing here in rsponse and i will post it anywaysal and the world can know that the things we have been saying here are 100% true.