Wiki will be open for everyone!

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  • Wiki will be open for everyone!

    Dear players,

    during the last couple of months a lot of changes have been made in Travian:Kingdoms. As you might have already noticed not all pages are up-to-date and some are not even created yet.

    Of course, we're trying to keep all articles updated, but sometimes a fact or a description is just slipping through. You are the ones who are stumbling over these issues and we are really thankful for your reports!

    From tomorrow afternoon you will have the possibility to edit pages in the Wiki!

    Every player who is registered at Travian: Kingdoms will be able to edit any page in the Travian: Kingdoms Wiki
    Of course every change to a Wiki page will have to be approved by a Community Manager first.

    We will see how it works and of course further improvements will follow. Thank you for your feedback,support and efforts.

    Kind regards,
    Travian: Kingdoms team