• Let's round this up, we have nothing to prove because we have been in the same position or worst against better teams and won. We have nothing to prove because we are head to head 60 vs 200+ players all server long.

      I'm missing what's your point with all this trashtalk, you're jumping ships left and right just to win then expect others to do what you're not capable of doing? Proving we are not the best? Prove it by playing the game for real because so far I haven't seen it. Maybe you will never truly understand what I mean and you will never truly enjoy travian as we did. I hope you do understand that a server lasts 150 days and that spending 150 days with the people with who you play, whether you win or lose are more valuable than the final instant of victory that fades away really quickly. Anyone can win like RA is winning, RA has done it before, and lots of other kingdom across TK have done it. The mechanics of the game currently help a lot metas and nothing can be done. Last server at this stage we had more VPs than RA would have with 4 WWs, without even considering the WW bonus and yet we were 60 players vs the whole server. We would be way ahead if they didn't change the mechanics in between don't be mistaken.

      Whether BM complained to get RA banned or not doesn't matter, if they got banned it's because the admins found a reason to ban them.

      You're the one, with RA, who cares more about winning than playing the game here, don't put us at the same level please, I feel a bit insulted, or if you do, start playing the game first. :)
      Mayin's team: Avin, Delto and Mayo ;)

    • I am enjoying myself each day. Getting one step closer to the goal of winning. I hope that you can stop to be bitter about other peoples success.

      I would suggest when you do use your term winning that you put a small disclaimer saying that it actually means losing but having as much fun as possible while doing it. Your participation will be noted.

      I also reserve the right to talk about winning cause that is one of my goals.
    • I admire other people success, WiC did some wonderful stuff on the speeds, just like many other people across servers, there are some awesome RA players out there. The kingdom itself is exactly what TK is trying to remove, where the king and dukes are the sole reason of playing and governors fades away slowly but surely.

      You might have miss a pattern that is right in front of you. Anyway why would I be bitter about other success? I've had my moments in the past, since then I've tried to help both publicly and privately people to improve. I've even given RA players some advices. For sure sound bitter about others successes by transmitting my knowledge of the game. :)

      I just hope the community improves and all servers become a 6 man final run for the win and not a single man show that kills all the fun. If you are having fun, I'm happy for you, too bad that half RA deleted or went inactive along the way, I'm sure they had a great time too.
      Mayin's team: Avin, Delto and Mayo ;)

    • lylai#EN wrote:

      Meh, I have lost my motivation to play on this server actually.
      keep it up, the server wont last more than 40 days (i think) you've played 125 days on this server and it was a long time.. i dont want your effort and money you've spend go to a waste.. you was a really good player in my eyes so keep it up.. dont let me down please and stay with us till the end of the server :)
    • Here is why they dont build level 50.
      • When a Wonder of the World will have reached lvl 50, players won’t be able to switch the Kingdom anymore
      I hope this answers your question since their whole gameplan is to invite as many players as possible they need to wait for their king to get unbanned so they can merge in as many players as possible. They are now focusing on infrastructure so they can rush a wonder to level 100 once they start building level 50.


    • Hello everyone,

      i thought i might post a little update of the server that are still interested in it. We (BM) have been under constant attacks the last nearly 24 hours and about 10 hours ago the last sieges of RA hit our wonder.
      This seemed like either RA has too few deffers and was killing all of their hammers to switch to deff so they can just turtle out the round or their players are just really frustrated and thought their hammers could breach our WW and they just made a terrible mistake attacking us.

      Either way since i dont know what is going on in their ranks i will post a little summary of the stuff that happened.

      These are the sieges that hit our WW from RA
      Screenshot by Lightshot

      After all these hammers we lost a few Great Warehouse level, 1 Great Granary, 4 levels of our wonder, 8 levels of our Main Building and 6 levels of our wall in total. Thanks to the great defence we had we could even keep our wonder village above 1000 population to safe the water ditch.

      Here are the current top 10 standings after the attacks

      Players: Screenshot by Lightshot
      Kingdoms: Screenshot by Lightshot

      In total RA killed about 300k of deff and lost roughly 700k worth of offensive units.

      Furthermore a few players of RA with less offensive units tried to steal treasures and cause some trouble during that time and most of these attacks could be defended too or avoided by saving the treasures.

      After all this RA seems to be on the backfoot and are now limited to their anvils and have to play the reactive game most likely and have to turtle their way through the endgame.
      Since about 60k treasures of their 110k are untouchable and dont need any defence and 1 wonder is also not going to receive any attacks will most likely help them keeping their VP-production high and focus their deff on the other wonders and benefit them in rushing one of the WWs to 100.

      Here are the current standings:

      Kingdoms VP: Screenshot by Lightshot
      Wonders: Screenshot by Lightshot

      After all of this i still have to say that still after losing some of our buildings the infrastructure in the BM WW is still further developed than the infrastructure in all of the RA WWs. Currently the best RA wonder has about 1050 population and the BM wonder has about 1025 despite being 20 levels behind and losing all the building levels i stated before in this post.

      As member of BM i have to say we will do our best to upset RA and take this server from them despite being at such a disadvantage and we will see what the future holds for us all on the server.


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      I tried having some fun with the the small off I have but just way to small to do anything . First one is successful hit second one is where I walled it.


      There was one more wave that knocked down this city to a village also


      + one more wave that died

      RaisingUp_COM wrote:

      8 levels of our Main Building
      I count more :D

      I would also like to add that currently RA is 118 players (the WW has passed level 50 so this is the final number). And BM + acolytes are 190 players currently. I seriously doubt any focus from Narcos and As one will be directed anywhere else then RA.

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      leax wrote:

      RaisingUp_COM wrote:

      8 levels of our Main Building
      I count more :D
      I would also like to add that currently RA is 118 players (the WW has passed level 50 so this is the final number). And BM + acolytes are 190 players currently. I seriously doubt any focus from Narcos and As one will be directed anywhere else then RA.
      Yep you're right he messed up I'm guessing he meant "down to level 8".

      I hope you realise how amazing that ratio is - you're essentially saying your team holds 40% of the games active pop. Back to "ye olde times" that was unheard of. This also isn't counting how many of your players are just flat out leaving the game in droves the past month.

      And calling NARCOS our acolytes is a pretty big stretch. They're essentially 3rd wheel in this. Yes they have to target you, that's the only incentive they have.
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      leax wrote:

      I would also like to add that currently RA is 118 players (the WW has passed level 50 so this is the final number). And BM + acolytes are 190 players currently. I seriously doubt any focus from Narcos and As one will be directed anywhere else then RA.
      That's where you're wrong buddy.. There is no group of 190 but 3 separate groups of around 60-70..
      RA is 118
      BM is 62
      Narcos is 70
      As one is 58

      Of course Narcos and As one will focus RA right now, but you kinda brought that down on yourself. RA and BM are still as good as tight in race for VP's but since RA holds 4 or 5 WW's (man i cant even keep track anymore) they are the obvious target to bring back any sort of excitement in this server..

      So please don't act like you're the victim after enslaving the entire server but a few that play their own game
      English is not my native tongue so please don't go bashing on any mistakes :thumbsup: :thumbsup: