natarian troops in the wonder

    • Since Jallu used my screen there ill fill in the missing info. That is a siege with a 20% attack bonus hero and a T3 swordsman weapon at the time of attack.
      Technically you should just build *enough* like I did on this attack and then conquer it but you can always scout it as well since it only has <200 scouts defending it.
    • Caspitas wrote:

      thank you :)

      another question about the natarian wall. wiki says that the natarian wall will remain in the village. but will remain in the village even if i destroy it when i go to clean the natarian troops ? or not ,,
      If you destroy the Natarian Wall as part of conquering the WW-vill (which you probably would, because who in their right mind wouldn't?), the wall will be destroyed completely.

      After conquering a village of a tribe different from your own, the village will switch over to your tribe. For example, if you are a Roman and you conquer a Germanic village, you won't be able to build an Earth Wall after having conquered the Germanic village, as it will become a Roman village.

      What the wiki means, is that even after conquering a WW-vill, the Natarian wall will remain in the WW-village (as in you won't be able to build an Earth Wall in a WW-vill). You do have to rebuild it again.