New(special) game worlds ahead! [TRx3, AE2, CZ4, DE3, FR3, IT4, NO1, PL2, ES3, PT3]

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    • New(special) game worlds ahead! [TRx3, AE2, CZ4, DE3, FR3, IT4, NO1, PL2, ES3, PT3]

      Dear players,
      next week in Travian: Kingdoms several new game worlds will be started. Every kingdom on these world will be able to assign 3 dukes instead of 4. Additionally some of them will have the Night truce feature activated and there's also a new speed game world joining the family! Please find the complete list below:

      Wednesday, 05.07.2017 2:00 pm CEST:

      Night speed game worlds:
      • TRx3
      Night game worlds:
      • CZ4
      • DE3
      • FR3
      • IT4
      • NO1
      • PL2
      • AE2
      Regular game worlds:
      • ES3
      • PT3
      Here's some information regarding the Night truce:
      • Truce will be activated every night between midnight and 8:00 AM
      • No attacks, raids or sieges against players are possible during these hours. The attacks also cannot arrive or be sent during these hours.
      • World Wonders are an exception. They can always be attacked, even when a player holds it.
      • NPCs like Natars or Robbers can be attacked at any time and they can attack you as well.
      • Reinforcements and espionages are still possible at night.
      You can find all the information in our blog post here

      We wish you a lot of fun and are looking forward to hear your feedback regarding the Night truce.
      Your Travian: Kingdoms team
      Community Manager
      Travian Kingdoms International