Dry Season: New special game world ahead! [COM6]

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    • Dry Season: New special game world ahead! [COM6]

      Dear players,
      after the recently launched Night truce worlds where you can rest and enjoy a good sleep, now the time has come for something a little bit more exciting and hardcore: next week Tuesday, July 18th at 2:00 pm CEST the first Dry Season world COM6 will be started.

      Here's some information about the Dry season:
      • Exchanging crop with the NPC trader is not possible => no GOLD advantage!!
      • Merchants have their carrying capacity increased by 50%
      • The Hideout (Cranny) does not protect crop
      • All crop related buildings are more expensive
      • Crop fields, grain mill and bakery are affected by diet mode
        • These buildings cost 50% more resources to build
        • "Finish immediately" is disabled for these buildings
      In our blog post you can find a nice story and the complete information regarding this mode.
      Discuss with others about the Dry Season round here: Dry Season Discussion

      We wish you a lot of fun and are looking forward to hear your feedback about the Dry season.
      Your Travian Kingdoms team
      Community Manager
      Travian Kingdoms International
    • Dear players,
      currently we have a display issue in the mobile app on the dry season round:
      It's shown that the NPC trader offers crop as well but if you actually try to exchange some, you will receive a random amount of the other 3 resources instead and no crop at all.
      Our mobile team is currently working towards a solution but meanwhile please use the padlock button to lock the crop on 0 before exchanging resources

      Best regards
      Community Manager
      Travian Kingdoms International