Dual needed

    • Hello everyone.
      I am looking for a dual who can help me out and enjoy the game till the end. The server is ES4 which started 20 days ago(I know I am posting this in com forum, but there are some reasons for it)
      I am a gold user and have 3 villages(2 croppers) with enough cp to get 4th one in 2 days. Offensive teuton account and first one to get catas, destroy a village on the server. Troops count is low right now due to cata rush and started training troops 24/7.
      I am highly experienced player from Travian Legends and back from a break of almost 1 year.
      Let me know if you are interested by replying to this thread or pm me on Skype.
      Skype id: ninza0

      Sorry if anything is wrong with this thread and guidance will be appreciated.