Technical issues

    • Technical issues

      Dear players,

      Due to technical problems some of our game worlds are currently partly unavailable.
      We are working on a solution to this problem and will inform you as soon as we are getting close to finding one.
      We are very sorry about this situation and kindly ask for your understanding.

      Best regards,
      Your Travian Kingdoms team
      Community Manager
      Travian Kingdoms International
    • Dear players,

      By now all game worlds are reachable again and all troops that starved today were restored. The team still have to work on background issues, check if all processes are running smoothly and analyze the affected game worlds to prevent those problems from happening again. Unfortunately this is not an easy task and it might take quite some time, therefore we would like to ask you once again for your patience.

      We once again apologize for the inconvenience and will keep you updated.

      Your Travian Kingdoms Team
      Community Manager
      Travian Kingdoms International