Politics/Rumours/Gossip COM1x3

    • Your approach in this forum was totally wrong, saying things you did not know that were not true, trying to boast for your win just because you were on the winning side. Mean King on the other hand provided a very professional comment which I liked and I agree with all the points he made there. Anyway, enough is enough on this topic, I am looking forward to play against you on the next server in 10 days.
    • I was told the server finished. So, i make a brief appearance here. Congrats to DOOM for winning the server. I have no clue what happened in the endgame.It suffices from what I have read from the top that it looked an exciting end-game and a shame I could not contribute to my team during the last-half of the server due to "Really" sudden irl issues. I am proud of my team who has stepped up to finish the server very well even though the initial leadership had left the game , Truely Proud of them . I had a lot of fun in the 1st half of the server wrecking all the kingdoms one by one in 0|0 to submission. I dont think it has been done for a long long time. And for that, I am proud of the way my team has looked for the fun part of the game rather than the lazy way. About endgame, I apologize to all the team members in Ponies for not finishing along with them to the end. Trust me , I really wanted to but ... Career oppurtunities are always the priority :D

      Have fun and see you in the next server :)

      Hopefully , I might be able to play that seriously :)
      The Bolton sends his regards :saint: