As a Duke can i take treasures from another Duke with a hammer outside my kingdom.

    • As a Duke can i take treasures from another Duke with a hammer outside my kingdom.

      :P As a Duke with a hammer outside the kingdom influence, if I send an attack from this cropper to steal treasures will it go into my treasury (in a different village)?

      If not will they become stolen goods or what? Any help would be apreeeeciated.
    • If you are a duke or a king with active treasury any and all treasures will automatically transfer to active treasury prioritizing
      1) the ones that have room
      2) closest one

      So yes in this case you can attack using the out of borders hammer, and the treasures will automatically fill all empty room you might have and then the rest go to which ever treasury is closest.
    • And what happens if you're not a duke?

      A governor with his offence outside of kingdom borders that steals treasures, is stuck with no way to transfer those treasures to his own kingdom except to raid, or have raided by an ally, his own village?

      A bit of a faff in early game, timing with returning raids and the like, but do-able, later on, particularly if you're in significant negative crop it would be an absolute pain in the backside. Does anyone have any tips to avoid this (assuming for the purpose of argument that the cropper chosen for the offence village cannot be brought into the border by any means)? Or do governor's treasures transfer to the kingdom from outside borders in the same way as Duke's?
    • Treasures stolen by a governour will be put into the tributes of the village from which the attacking troops came from. Thus if you attack from a village outside kingdom boundaries they will be there - for anyone to pickup by an attack onto that village (a raid is not sufficient!).

      On the other hand, I do not believe that to be a problem. After all it's your choice (somewhat) to use and maintain villages outside of your kingdom's borders. Their placement has advantages (maybe "better" oasis, closer to an enemy,...) and disadvantages - this is one of the disadvantages. Without disadvantages the kingdom borders would be pointless.

      Further I do not think that it's very difficult to move the treasures into a village inside your kingdom's borders - it just needs activity, and maybe coordination, thus is not a thing to do when you only log-in once a day or twice. You simply have to be present the 5 minutes around the arrival of the "treasure express" which picks up the treasures from your village. You can even send your troops in that village away immediately prior to the attack and cancel the sending-away after the attack.
      The only real backdraw of this method is, that you cannot maintain any zoo, and you will need to let go of it, if you had one.
    • Yes if you aren't a duke or king then the treasures will simply stay in the village until
      1) A duke or king collects them with tributes (not possible if outside borders or denying tributes)
      2) Someone attacks that village (attack or siege) with a hero and survives to take the treasures.

      So there really isn't much you can do in this regard. Late game sacrificing 10 units to transfer them is no problem but especially early you might have Animals you can't afford to move.
      The only other workaround if attacking and collecting are strictly impossible but you need those treasures for your kingdom is to leave the kingdom, declare yourself a king, activate a treasury in some other village that is more convenient and then abdicate as soon as the treasury has had the time to activate.
      This takes 12h and you will be out of the kingdom for the duration but the treasury will move the all your treasures to the desired location.