• Georgi wrote:

      Hey again,
      there will be truce on COM1x3 on New Year's Eve, the WWs will be activated on 4th of January at about 2 pm server time

      Happy holidays!
      Did you make a mistake ? I was talking about the COM3 x1, and you the COM1 x3.
      Cause in the Admin Information on the forum, only the Christmas 's Truce was mentioned, and not the NY's Truce

      Look :

      • Christmas

      Game worlds: COM3, COM4, COM5, COM1x3, COM7
      Truce start: 24.12.2017 8am CET
      Truce end: 27.12.2017 8am CET
      No starvation until: 28.12.2017 8am CET

      • New Year's Eve

      Game worlds: COM4, COM5, COM1x3, COM7
      Truce start: 31.12.2017 8am CET
      Truce end: 02.01.2018 8am CET
      No starvation until: 03.01.2018 8am CET

      Thanks for answer
    • Georgi wrote:

      Hey again,
      yes, sorry, I confused COM3 x1 with COM1x3. COM3 will not get New Year's Eve truce as the WWs there will spawn on 1st of January at about 2 pm

      Best regards
      Thanks for answer.

      That's a little boring for us who are with our familly, children and dad/mam. the wonder of the world just the day of the new year ...
      A truce will be nice to let us to be present in game, cause many of us cannot.

      I am sad
    • i find nothin in the RallyPoint Thread so go on with this one :

      Our Kingdom did a massiv attack against Treasury villages so their was a not defended WW with best chances to win this round !

      WW Attack

      Screenshot by Lightshot

      WW Standing
      Age of the game world 124

      Screenshot by Lightshot
      <3 Krypta.org T3

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    • Just want to say this.. this server is a bit messed up for me, biggest kingdom bohemia with 119 members have a pact with Knight and GGG with 72 and 50 members each against Стрелa and=ORDA= with 84 and 60 members each.. its way too overpowered.. its 241 vs 144 people.. isnt it a easy win for bohemia? win with numbers?

      here is the current WW after big hit on ORDA and Стрелa
      Screenshot by Lightshot

      isnt it too one sided? and it seems like bohemia still on the lead of offense ranking (kingdom internal statistics)

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    • you cant call that as a "mediocre" team with hundred of people. it's a meta, i know that more people can make kingdom strong, but isnt it boring? all you need to do is sim and then win or participate in offense bullying other with large numbers. when your kingdom were attacked you can just dont care about it as long the target isnt you, because there's hundred of people here, im sure others can somehow make it.. with that mind set which might appeared in one of bohemia members as part of meta, i cant say that a mediocre.. since its can make some people bored and leave..
      i dont know about knight myself, but i heard they also attacked ORDA and Стрелa. i also dont know about ORDA and Стрелa myself since im not in that kingdom. even tho its a russian kingdom, why does everyone hate them? as long they dont cheat and dont talk in the chat using russian, its fine doesnt it?
      well, tbh if you say a meta as a mediocre team, then what about L.A.W? i havent got any news about them, and their team not even a half of bohemia but still can manage to get their WW that high..
      and is GGG a sucidal team? i dont see that either since i'm part of GGG :p
    • When you are from GGG you dont know about all the attacks in the WARs during this round. Especally K-Legend got completely ripped up and only a few players from this kingdom stay in the lines of Knights !

      Of course a lot attacks failed and not every Action was that good that there was a real winner in this fights. Defending Teams on both sides played really on a top level.
      So as Defending Player i can not understand what is wrong with this server. Quite a lot Action and lots of Off Players who do not feel comfortable

      Biggest Problem on this server is the complete clear Outback without any normal and medium sized kingdoms . A world with >3 k starting Players should be bigger than this small thing (571 active players) called international com world

      Also first round with this 10 k Treasury for next Treasury opening and kingdom unitings for some kingdoms Plans went up, small kingdoms have really big Problems to gain Territory and stay outside influence of the big Meta and Mass Alliances. So everyone will have problems to find a free kingdom to cooperate with in the endgame you can only change between two options :

      Cooperate with your enemie
      Coopereate with the enemie of your enemie

      And of Course spezial Greets to our long during Friend with ZERO Population ,Mr. Spy and Smurf
    • War is always one sided at last; we can see the world war ( let's not debate here)

      About Bohemia
      About Bohemia with that sheer numbers and allies they should had clearly got upper hand, but big "No"
      Their attacking strategies were not good and they would not take their World Wonder near to their territory on time. Everyone has weakness. Thus i analysed them as Mediocre team. They would not sweep out the rivals with boss attitude. :thumbup:

      About small kingdoms
      They have their part; we can play proxy war to crumble the big kingdoms. Small kingdoms are very suitable to jeopardize the big kingdoms. With smaller kingdoms, they are few targets to hit, we can easily take down big hammers. Big kingdoms has been taken out with no big hammers for world wonder.