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    • leax wrote:

      Oh @Bloker#PL, did I mange to make you angry? :D Pour it on my man, this is hilarious
      Why would i be angry? Did i lost anything? Why should i be angry on some no-name on game forum? I'm actually laughing at you, acting all mighty, like you would accomplished anything.
      Oh and btw, just because im in thenorth for now, doesn't mean we're working together, we just have the same enemy. You just talk/think way too much, try to play more.
    • You say You are weaker? I dont understand Your point of view.... thought You shown Your victories on those battle raports?! Victories right?! If You are talking about attacking smaller kingdoms You again use half true. Those "smaller kingdoms" are allied. And becous You use half true someone can say that You are a liar. Dont go that way. It has no return.

      As to TheNorth again... they are not part of ILOVE PL. They have their own King, own actions, own diplomacy. But as I said They are friends. If they will ask for support they will get it. You are jalouse?

      This conversation has no point. As I've told. You are not a star as You wanted "Mr Named".
    • I am simply stating the fact that you are around 200 players now, do you really think it is honorable to beat a opponent that are less then one third of your kingdom and allies? You are very much expected to win with your numbers. I have simply been posting interesting stuff in the thread, I have never put any weight in if it is a victory or a defeat, read the thread again if you can't remember.

      @'TheSimon#EN, again you do not know what motivates me so do not presume to know, it is below you.

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    • TheSimon#EN wrote:

      Ekhm... if You published battle raports than put looses from both sides. In other case it is noobish. Loads of defenders also died and what is more important.. all treasures was taken from Solar kingdom in that attack.

      Is it allowed to show nicks of attackers without their agreement? Someone should be banned for this.
      It is allowed since years...nobody would banned for that :-p
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      maybe :) then you would be banned as well? :) :PP When i was playing travian legends few years ago it wasnt allowed. I wonder why leax didnt show his avatar's name when he was posting his own reports... :))) Morava signed a coalition with us. You attacked Player while we still had coalition. Do you really think it is honorable to talk about numbers if you started this war? Maybe ill send attack at each kingdom and then i'll start crying that they have more players :( You're even bad at math. Please show me where we have 200 players cause i cant find them... :( Maybe i'm blind? I'm sure you talked with every1 around ILOVEPL to play against us but here youre writing that you dont have enough players. Are you totally sure about that? :)