Is it worth upgrading resource fields above 10 ?

    • Unless its crop fields I would not do it (with crop fields you can have 50% bonus from buildings and up to 150% from oasis). Also, you just need the crop to feed your troops.

      For the other resource fields, I would do it in 1 village (preferably a 15c so you need just the 3) to claim the quest reward once, but I agree, doing it in every city is not really worth it.
      I played my first round of Travian when I was 10, I am still a noob today tho.
    • it really depends how great you want to be & how many troops you intend on building

      the simple answer is "Yes"
      how high you should build them depends on the "type of village" & the oasis bonuses you might get, if you use gold also this has an effect

      this is a handy little tool for working out whether the costs are worth the gain
      Travian :: resource development calculator
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    • Of course it is. Why leave resources on the table?

      Look at it this way.

      Income in travian is based on two things. Production and raiding. Everyone is not active enough or able to raid. Therefore the majority of players income is from their production. Your production is hindered by how many villages you own. If you choose to spend one of your CP slots on a city upgrade you will lose out on the production from a new village. Instead you get the option to upgrade your fields to 12. Which almost gives the same production as 2 fully built normal villages. So by leaving your fields at 10 in a city you basically cut your income by one whole village. That's like 120k resources per day (approx 5k/h per normal village).

      Yes fields to 12 is expensive and will take more time to give back what you spent than a new village with fields to 10 would do. But spending resources on fields will always give you more resources back than spending them on something else, as it's the only thing giving you a higher income (disregarding raiding).

      But always upgrade your lowest fields first. If you have two villages with level 8 fields and one city with level 10 fields. You start with the level 8 fields. When they are at 10 and you haven't settled a new village yet then you upgrade your city fields to 12.

      Aim to always increase your turnover. This way every day you will have more resources than the previous to spend and will outgrow other players. Which in turn gives you a stronger economy than other players. Stronger economy means more resources to spend on troops. Just make sure to protect yourself else your strong economy will instead turn you to a farm. Then your turnover is instead decreasing.

      This is also true for your capital village. Got resources to spend? All fields at 10 in normal villages and 12 in citys? Spend them on fields in your capital!