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  • aspany_RU -

    hi.when the next round begins

  • Tom#EN(102) -

    Could someone from administration or community manager post a response to this question please

  • galeno#PT -

    Hi, i had some trouble with my silver exchange, who can i get in contact?
    Spent 2000 silver in order to buy 10 gold and although my silver had been used i have not received gold in return. It happened in Com1 right after start. thanks

  • Selvius#FR -


  • Razmarin -

    Good afternoon. It's not fair, look at the map at com2x3 WiC Funny of the Queen, we immediately made a landing according to the new rules and waited for the merger on the 30th day. What do we get in the end - everything was in vain? If prolonged for 11 days, it means again you want to earn? Or for these 11 days bonuses bought for gold will be provided free of charge?

    • BridgetB -

      Hi Razmarin, I understand what you are saying. We actually are testing the Kingdom Unions from every angle to give you a functioning feature. When it comes down to why the rollout is delayed, it comes down to the qualitiy and checking and a lot of edge cases.

  • tiga#EN(1) -

    Help ! Administrators in Russia are building lawlessness !!!

    • BridgetB -

      Hello tiga#EN(1) what do you mean exactly? I am sure @blackswan can help you!

  • Akıncı -

    Hi BridgetB. I want to join alpha test for the app. I'm so excited for see how the chat will work. I'm active in game and I can give feedback. I send my informations in private

  • kareem gawdat#AE -

    يا جماعه هو ازاي انا واصحابي نبقي في مملكه واحده جنب بعض ينفع ولا لا
    يا ريت الرد للاهمية

    • BridgetB -

      Hello @kareem gawdat#AE could you please contact the Arabian CM @red john? He will be able to help you :)

  • Babedg#IT -

    Hi BridgetB. I'd like to delete from one server and continue playing on another one. Do you know if it's possible, and how? Many thanks

    • BridgetB -

      Hello @Babedg#IT, yes, that is possible :) You can start on another world anytime and delete yourself in another. Your bought Gold will be waiting in the lobby for you to transfer it to the other world. I hope that helped :)

  • cokooprenss_TR -

    hello :P

  • Rob_Ross -

    Greetings!!! When are you planning a new brand test server, both in potuguese ? hoping an answer asap . Thank you . or in english test server, only ?

    • BridgetB -

      The next test world is coming really soon! Will keep you updated in the test section of the forum. It will be in all languages, like the com worlds :)

  • Carker#EN -

    hey its 2pm and com4 havent started why?

  • 4bidden#EN -

    Hi BridgetB. Sorry for posting directly on your wall. We are unsure on how to merge two kingdoms in the current round on COM2. A king and his friends wants to join our kingdom. Can you possibly point me in the right direction on how we would do this ? We are all new to Kingdoms and used to the s4 servers. Thank you for your time

    • BridgetB -

      Hello 4bidden#EN. I hope you posted your question also in the EN question thread and already got your answer. There are no alliances any more, so the game play has quite changed.

  • CRAZY_RU -

    Guten Tag, ich habe doch die Frage zum Gold, es ist schwer, für mich, ohne gold accout zu entwickeln, warum kann ich das gold nicht kaufen? warum machen Sie keine ausnahmen?

    • BridgetB -

      Hallo CRAZY_RU, nur auf der Test Welt gibt es kein Gold zu kaufen, auf allen anderen Welten schon. Es gibt nun auch russische Speedwelten, vielleicht wären die eher was für Sie? Oder spielen Sie da eh schon? :)

  • Pedar#US -

    hi test when started?

  • hehexd#EN(1) -

    Hey what are the rules for 3x server like how much time do you have your beginner protection?

    • BridgetB -

      As king, you'll get 1 day as always and as governor, you'll get only 4 days of beginners' protection.

  • cokooprenss_TR -

    hi :)

  • aspany_RU -

    sorry))he start))))

  • aspany_RU -

    when start tsst server. i'ts Time)))

  • Al Sah-him_IT -

    salve mi potrebbe spiegare come mai non è ancora partito il server it4 visto che avevate detto che sarebbe partito circa alle 15 ?? sono più di 3 ore che stiamo aspettando e nessuno dello staff che risponde.