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  • Tom#EN(102) -

    If you're still interested I have the answer on that march speed question. It's not entirely my own work though so I don't feel I can share it on an open forum (although I'm not certain it would hurt or offend anyone). I think I can share privately though contact me on xxxx@xxxx.xxx if you'd like.

  • Scorox -

    Hi Curtain,
    Thanks for checking out my post. Your input would be super valuable if you find the time!

  • Babedg#IT -

    Hi Curtain... I was looking for information about deleting. Only from one server so that I can move gold I bought. Do you know how can I do it? I couldn't find an answer

    • Curtain -

      Hello, Babedg

      You can delete your avatar from a single game world by clicking your own name in the top right corner of the world, then selecting settings -> avatar and then choosing the delete option from there.

      Cheers :)