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  • If you are proud of what you did, this is your business and your mind.
    This is your choice, but there is no need to make up and weave of your imagination and conclude on your mood. If you want to snitch, do it honestly. Tell your allies about the large group that was on WhatsApp, or are they also fake? Let them know that our number was really too big, but unfortunately your style was very scanty.
    Whatever you have friends from other kingdoms, remember that you wrote in front of players from different nationalities, what will other players say about you? They will say he betrayed and spied on his community who is from them and belong to them for nothing.

    btw, I wrote to you with a lot of respect, and those like you do not deserve it.
    But out of respect for other members.
    • who are you tho ??

      and it is like you didnt even see the huge thread, everyone AGREES that RfR cheated their way to win and their win was average and not impressive. and it is obvious my motives were to expose cheaters, if you want to discredit me as a player or a person its such a weak thing to accuse me of. i've played many servers and in each one i was valued by my kingdom.

      and btw if someone from inside the community/country comes out and says its rotten and bad, you know it is like that xD