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  • Hello Mycro!
    I saw you post in "COM7 Politics/Rumours/Gossip"... are you planning to enter this upcoming COM7?

    • Hi Skender,
      Yeah I’m indeed joining com7.
      With kind regards,

    • Have you found a Kingdom?

    • Yes. I’ll be playing with WST like I did since I joined my first server. I hope we have an active round this time with honest players and some nice premade kingdoms. Did you already made plans what kingdom to join? Or starting one of your own?

    • I'm an experienced travian classic "veteran". After an 11 years break, having before that played 3 intense servers, I'm back and looking forward on playing once again!!!
      I'm looking for an ambicious, strong, experienced, efficient, and well organized kingdom to play with in this upcoming COM7 server...
      I describe myself as a dedicated, active, agressive, tactical and strategic player with some gold to invest!
      Is there space for me in WST?

    • I’ll send you my discord info in PM. I think we can provide all the things you are looking for in a kingdom.