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  • Look for me on the forum here. I will have a different name.

  • Thank you! I'll let you know as soon as I sign in. Will you be playing with this name? I'll have a different name, this one was used so I could test some estragies...

  • Hello!

    We would love to have you and can help you settle quickly. Like all versions of travian, Kingdoms gives you resources for completing certain tasks.

    One thing about kingdoms is that you can still build a huge off army or def army without needing a 15 cropper. The key is to use stolen goods.

    You get stolen goods by attacking robber camps and robber hideouts throughout the game. You can sell some or all of your stolen goods to the dukes and/or king in your kingdom for resources or for crop.

    1 stolen good in the late game can provide over 12,000 crop. Typically around that time, a robber hideout will have 20 or more stolen goods. 2 hideouts spawn around every 48 hours, so even with a regular 6 crop capital, crop is almost never an issue.

    Let me know when you are in com3 and we'll get you in!

  • Hello.
    I played Travian a few years ago... the classic version where you had to attack, attack and attack to get resourses!!! For what I see now, in Travian Kingdoms, resourses are given to you for nearly "everthing"!!!
    I have studied this version and I am ready to start a server... COM3! I am a dedicated and aggressive player with some gold to waste!
    I am interrested in joining a Kingdom with ambition!!! On the second day of the game, I am sure to be able to found my second village, I want a 15 crop with maximum oasis bonus...
    Can you help me relocate my first village near that 15 crop? If só, I wiil be glad to join your Kingdom!!!!

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