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  • Hi bellatora,

    I just got banned for multi accounting

    but in all honest this same type of issue has happened before

    me and my family is a nuclear one and hence lots of ppl live under the same roof and just like me my sis also plays with me at times

    and the same thing has happened again , i request you to be understanding and help me close my ticket pls.

    I have never once cheated in any game and i never play more than 2 servers at a time , why the hell will i be even planning to multi account

    I sincerely hope to hear from you soon and have this issue closed , i have had a good start after a long time , pls help me out here

  • Hi Bellatora,

    I found this while searching for Travian Kingdom Tools

    TK-Tools | Home

    Wanted to confirm if this is a legal tool that I can integrate with Official Kingdom account.

    Vijeth B

  • Hey how hard is this level? thank you

  • How I can play this test

  • Hi Bellatora

    This is Saitan, i feel really happy to win the contest of "Introduce your Hero to Me".

    Please Guide me how can i receive my gold vouchers.



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