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  • Hi

    how are you

    Please open an investigation into the reason for deleting arabia2n server membership

    And what are the reasons

    More than 15 members

    Memberships that have been deleted

    It was deleted at the beginning of the server

    Now 15 members have also been deleted and are on the rise

    I wish you

    Deleted members ...

    [deleted by BridgetB due to privacy issues]

    I dream not to appoint an Arab observer because he is not worthy and deserves a bribe and enters another name and plays and facilitates things for him and his friends

    Best regards to you
    • Hello المرينغي#AE please write a ticket through Help Center about your complaint so that the right people can check it. Be assured that forum moderators don't have access to customer service tools and therefore cannot ban anyone. Still, we take these reports seriously and check every one of them. Kind regards, B
    • Greetings to you Many complaints have been submitted in the service of assistance and we did not take a satisfactory answer to us
      Because those who respond in the service of assistance is the help of its owners I hope you register in the Arab night server and look at it will find no deprivation and anything and more than 50 members were deleted because of the problems that occurred in it
      We ask you to connect the message for management
      Thank you
    • Hello again :) this is actually a false perception: Other people see Help Center tickets, too. Especially the management of Customer Service can easier and faster reply to complaints through the designated channels.
      Thank you for speaking out and reporting. We need your feedback to improve. I hope, I was able to bring a bit more light into the situation. Be assured, we are taking every complaint seriously.
      kind regards, B
  • plz check pm, I was very disappointed about your personnel, game becomes ugly :(
    • Hi @Liam T#EN thank you for including @Georgi in your message. Since he is the Community Manager for COM, he is answering faster than I do. I hope you are satisfied with your answer and I can assure you, it was a successful espionage in-game. We are taking GDPR and data protection seriously.
      kind regards, B
  • hi How many days did the villages of Abandon disappear from the map?
  • Hi Bridget
    that you know it is possible in the kingdom servers to send 6 attacks per second legally?
    • Hi @Nikita#IT please ask @galadriel because she is the Community Manager for the Italian community members :)
    • no, in it but in the test server
    • now also with 9 attacks per second
    • If you have a suspicion of any kind, please write a ticket in the help center.
  • Hi Bridget,
    when will next next test server is available for registration & when will be registration get closed after server starts
  • Hi Bridget,
    do you remeber me? Few years ago I took part in the discussion in the international forum about hairstyles. Now we are having a serious trouble on the italian server (IT1N) and that's why I'm writing to you: neither Galadriel (our Customer Service Representative) nor the developers have yet been able to solve it.
    We’ve been writing insistently for 18 days, but they didn’t solve it. Or, perhaps, they don't want to solve it, because we are on the 98th day of the server and it’s not too long before WW.
    Our problem is about Robber’s Camps. Until few days ago we only had a couple of camps, while our ennemies had up to 24!
    Galadriel said that technicians fixed something and last time there were 17 camps (30 camps for our ennemies).
    They said that we don’t have enough spare space for more camps, but, as you know, this is not a good reason (they can appear on mountains, lakes, etc.).
    I write here some detailed informations:
    - Slots: 651
    - Oasis: 117
    - Towns: 362
    - Free slots: 172
    - Slots: 701
    - Oasis: 88
    - Towns: 392
    - Free slots: 221
    With these numbers it would have been fair to have at least 23 camps.
    As you know Camps are very important, and we are suffering a very serious damage!
    We all started writing to Galadriel, and we received inadequate and offensive answers. Now we suggested to reduce ennemies’ camps, as a matter of equity.
    Bridget, I respect you a lot since I wrote in the international forum with both you and JJ.
    I hope you can help us and solve our problem.

    best regards Nikita
    • Hi @Nikita#IT,

      yeah, Galadriel and the Devs told me about this. Actually, robbers don't spawn everywhere. robber hideouts spawn on fields that cannot be settled on because they are for one player only. robber camps are for the whole kingdom and only spawn on fields that can be settled on, except starting fields like 6-4-4-4 because that is where new players are allowed to spawn. You need to substract those in your calculation.

      best regards, BridgetB
  • hello bridget , cant find where to talk about test server probs .... cant log in for 10 minz and now i cant send merch or set trade routs .....
  • I am from Indonesia there are difficulties about equating languages, choose Indonesian language settings
    • Hi @kenzu_01#EN, thanks for sharing your wish. There are no plans to add more languages to the game.
      kind regards,
  • hi @BridgetB is ther eany news about the new test server?
  • ,for 2 years we are asking for arabic speed server
    also for 2 years you are and red john ignoring us
    idont know if we should quite the game is that ok with you ?

    please come her and bring translator with you to read the players comments…%D8%B3%D8%B1%D9%8A%D8%B9/
    • Hello @aleesh70#AE that is not true, red john is telling me every week about the Arabian speed round wish and the wait has come to an end very soon! Promise.
  • Nice thread on the rally points changes. Just sad that its closed, I would love to coment them all
  • hi!
    when new test server open ? it will be tomorrow or not??
  • Hi BridgetB!

    Do you know if anybody is working towards granting duals achievements achieved while registered as dual and not as the account owner?

    Thank you for your response
    • Hi! Any work being done on this project?
    • @neoflex We should really push this thing as top priority.
  • Regards,does travian team plan to open Balkan speed server?Or regular speed.Thanks!
  • hi
    when new test server open ?
    • new patch will playing on him ?? about you can move villge to any kingdom ?
    • Hi @foxromuo#AE, it is not defined yet when the next test round will start. We will share the info about it here:…ration-test-world-status/
      Arabia1 is starting in 1 hour with the new menhir feature on it. This is the feature you were referring to. Also com2x3 will start in 1 hour with this feature on if you want to play on a speed round. Maybe you want to join one of those two rounds.
  • Hello BridgetB I hope you can help me. I have won 300 gold solving the Natarian riddle on the dutch forum, but so far nothing has happened. I had included my avatar name and server (Robbel Com6), but nothing. Can you tell me how I should receive the gold or message about this?
    Thank you very much!…?postID=144501#post144501
    • Hello @Robbel#NL, Magician already told me, he gave you your Gold 2 days later. I wish you fun on com6 :)
  • Do you have any information about opening a quick Arabic server, and can you help us with this? I hope the reply is very important =(
    • Hello Mr.white_AE, Red John, the Arabic CM, already forwarded the wish for an Arabic speed round many times. There is non planned because we hadn't had many players on the last speed round. Red John is very persistent and also forwarded the poll about it. We are aware of your wish, but nothing is planned. Sorry.
    • I understand that, but I assure you that the number of players will be big and I will start a huge campaign in the forum to collect groups of Arab players and you will surprise ! and I will be the guarantor of it, just give us a chance to enjoy the game and do not deny us fast surfer We deserve it as other nations, Sure you will help us, plzz
    • That is great to hear and I appreciate your engagement. We stopped speed rounds for all domains but the international one and for the Russian players, not just the Arabian one. If there are any changes, we will announce this. I won't promise anything I cannot keep. Be assured that we know about this wish. :)
    • Thank you for your interaction with me, I will always be one of the biggest supporters of the game in the Arabs because I love it always and ever
  • Twins :O
  • when new test server open ?
    • It has already opened, all our game worlds are opening at 2:00 pm CEST (CET in winter). Are you already playing?
  • Hey
    where can I submit my feedback? I tried to find an email to submit it bur I couldn't find anything
  • указал адрес электронной почты ### [edited by Admin] но до сего момента полусио кода подтверждения.почему не присылаете?
    • Please open a ticket here: you have used another email address that you mentioned here. Please open a HelpCenter Ticket so that our Russian speaking colleagues can take care of this. Thanks.
  • ​كل مره عايز ادخل اللعبة يظهر لي شكل السيف ويمتلى الين يوصل 50% ويثبت ولا يتقدم ولا اللعبة راضية تنفتح
    • مشان ماعندك انترنت تاكد من الاتصال
    • it's what Naruto already said. Is it working now? For faster help, please open a ticket in our HelpCenter and our Arabian speaking colleagues will help you on time:
  • hi when new test will open
  • Hey Bridget can you help me seems i have issus i play as dual on com5 and for some time i gor a m memo reg the speed but now i cant find anything reg it and i know it´s started today can you help me it´s Onslow you probaly know me as Lucky
    • Hello Lucky, how are you? If something like this happens, please write a ticket here: Especially on game world starts, our Customer Service people are fast in answering :)
  • Salve sono LUXADOR e gioco nel mondo di travian it3 con nickname- antani
    mi avete bannato l'account perchè credete che io abbia usato trucchi bot script ,siccome non esiste un multihunter in questo nuovo travian ho scritto sia qua che sul forum che sul help center e nessuno mi risponde.
    poichè io oggi l'unica cosa che ho fatto che si avvicina a un bot è stato quando dal cellulare ho premuto piu' volte l'attacco(a causa della conessione lenta) sulla lista farm quindi sono partiti 20 attacchi invece che 10
    Spero risolviate presto questo intoppo
    cordiali saluti e grazie per il disturbo
    • Hello @LUXADOR#IT(1) please contact @galadriel for Italian help :) I don't speak your language.
  • can u tell me , i from poland , and i dont see this test com8 ?
    in the lobby its ome bug or what?
    • Hello GPS#EN, you have to change the lobby language to "international" to find the com worlds. And the com8 just showed up today at 2:00 pm. Did you find it? kind regards, BridgetB
  • Hi, and where to get information about
    • Hi @AngelHell#RU, the test round details will be announced in the test section of the forum :)
    • Already did, thanks for sharing
  • hello BridgetB
    i need to know if is on monday at will apear the page for registecion on new test server ?
    and were at will apear ??
    • hello @Jozi, did you find it on time? are you already playing on the test round? kind regards, BridgetB
  • hi.when the next round begins
    • Hi @aspany_RU. We are sharing the new game round starts in the announcement threads and in the game world calendar in the lobby :)