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  • maybe im reading it wrong but dont the first 2 lines of the challenge not work for it?

    As it says minimum wood and clay matches isnt the minimum it could have 4 (2,1,1)

    Then the clay cant match as it would be 3,1 which cant be in same line for V6?

    maybe im completely wrong :D

  • Hi, how to do your quest "Logistix: back to school at the Royal Academy!" without downloading ???

    last time I could download,fill at the gird and send back but this ... I really don't understand . It's not a quest with one number answer .

    • You can right clic the image and save it on your computer.

      Then with any drawing program like paint and some others, you can edit it.

      Best of luck!

  • Hi. Could I ask for something ?

    • Yes of course, but may be better in an private conversation?

  • Can you open Com3x3 thread+matchmaking

    • Yes, of course, it was done this morning.

  • HI, when does the next server starts? is there any site we can check server start dates?
    gatter tools is saying

    com2x3.kingdoms.com starts today, but when??

  • Thank you for your help and kidneys

    • Kindness…I don’t want your kidneys that was autocorrect

    • But I’m sure you have great kidneys! Lol

    • LOL,

      you are very welcome!

      And yes, I do want and need my kidneys! :D

      Haha 1
  • i wish to report player and i can not faund multihunter can you give me link or something. tnx

  • Hello, Unknown, how are you doing? Good, I hope. :)

    I have a question, well, a doubt, about kingdom union.

    So, two kingdoms unite, right? There one of them is proclamed king, and the other, vice-king. Everyone's happy and game goes on. Vice-king decides that he does not want to play anymore (no one fault, right?) so we're left without a vice-king, and no one can ascend to his place, right? Why? Wasn't it an option to a duke to ascend to his place, if a player delete? :/

    Thank you for your time (assuming you'll read this).

    Sincerelly, Brava. 8)

    • Hi,

      sorry for not replying sooner, I simply didn't see this.

      It is a feature from Kingdom's Union, there is nothing we can do to change that at this moment in time.

      If you want you can give ideas on how to improve it on the Suggestion and ideas area.



  • Russian technical support is affiliated with violators, cheaters and Donaters! Close the tickets without answers. I ask you to help me, to convey the information about the fact that scinting violations and infringement of the rights of players occur in the RU segment! Look at my last topic that I created on the forum. The problems are stubbornly shine Russian tech support, they do not give them the move and do not want to five the bugs and punish the violators for chining, the use of scripts and bots! I strongly ask your help, bring information to the higher management, in the RU segment it is necessary to check the staff! :|

    • Thanks for your information.

      If you have any proof of what you say please send it by private message.

      Thanks 1
  • I wrote under the topic title in the forum, but no feedback was provided. You stated the answer as 24. But there is a situation like this. There is a stone shoe. If the stone were normal, it would take the value +2 like the others. But here on the stone shoe. This represents exponential numbers in mathematics. There is a case of 2 over 6. So that's not 6 + 2, it's 2 to the 6, so it's 6 squared, and the answer is 52. 24 I think your answer is wrong.

    • In this case it was much simpler than that, since it was a game for everyone, many are not very good with maths, so it was obvious that it had to be the simplest possibility.

  • Hi !

    secret adventures



  • write pm

  • Hi

    Write a pm yesterday, could u answer me?

  • Hi, is it possible to post a message only visible to you? I'm in trouble with activating a third treasury in my kingdom...

    • Yes, they are called Conversations.

      But I don't have access to the game worlds as such, so the best option for you is to write to the Help Center.

      But I am happy to help any way I can.


  • hello, write pm

  • Hello Unknown,

    Com4 will start on Tuesday... shouldn't "Embassy-Com4" be cleaned out of previous server treads?

    Best Regards

    Aedion Ashryver

    • Yes, I left it for a while because it had finished recently, but you are right, it is time.

      Thank you!!!


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  • i have placed a list of the 2 other tribes in the tread: NEW TRIBES IN GAME

    • Thank you very much! I read them with a lot of interest, I will mention it to the team.

      I as well replied asking for some more details. :)

  • Good evening, I'm writing this message as a last resort since the support page won't open for me.
    I have been wrongly accused of having multi-accounts, although the only thing I have is a sitter, who had the same issue but managed to solve it because he could contact the support team. My account will be deleted in 100 hours and I can't do anything about it because I can't contact anyone. What should I do?

  • you get a hard time man. Keep going mate you do good job.

    • Thank you, I will keep trying my best. :)

  • Where should the done sodok be uploaded?

    Like 2
    • It has to be submitted as an answer to the message of the contest.

      You will not see the answer until the end of the contest when I will activate all answers.

      Good luck!

  • i have a question for you
    the achievement I SHALL PASS where you have to destroy 20 wall levels of other players must that happen in 1 attack?

  • hola amigo discupa se sabe algo de el tema del prestigio?, al llegar a 10k ya no se puede llegar a un prestigio diamante por decir un ejemplo o algo?. sabes si se tiene alguna futura actualizacion en ese tema?

    de antemano gracias saludos

    • Pues no tengo información sobre ello, pero me informaré.


    • vale muchas gracias, espero te de información sobre eso

    • Si, me han respondido, por ahora 10k es el máximo que se puede conseguir. Lo tienes ya?

    • Si ya tengo ese prestigio y e visto ya varios que ya lo tienen.
      Es por eso que preguntaba si se tenía algo planeado para dicho tema

  • you need to sort out your customer service they are worse than useless

  • Hello, i really would like to know, is it possible to refund in Travian Kingdoms due bad server/game performance? Or you need to officially send a letter & so on..?

    • Thanks for the question.

      That should really go to the Help Center, but I don't think that is the case... in any case, I am pretty sure once it is fixed you will not be left loosing in that front.

    • You see, i lost a lot of gold because of these server issues, while trying to make a NPC, it takes your gold and leaves the res as it was, so in 2nd time it 99% of the time is successful.
      And i don't think i should buy even more gold now, i wanna refund the money in this matter, since if i delete, there will be money invested and never used in this in-game currency.

      So I'll try my luck, thank you!

    • I would suggest waiting for the issues to get resolved fully and then to see what we do regarding compensation.

  • Hello to all Travian fans. I have a few suggestions about the game. I think they will make the game itself more interesting. One of them is .... How Hero trains the army ... I will use the Romans as an example ... At the beginning of the game the Hero has the opportunity to change the skills of a unit of his army. As when using an weapon for the right hand ... +3 attack and defense for infantry, + 9 attack and defense for

    Imperatoris, +12 attack and defense for Caesaris ... But for infantry +1 attack and defense, +3 for Imperatoris, + 4 for attack and defense for Caesaris. Or 33% of the relevant weapon tier 1 ... Only one unit, which is researched in the Academy .. Forever to the end of the server ... Example Legionnaire already has 41 attacks, 36 infantry defense, 51 calavry defense ... Similar is the situation with other types of troops and tribes ... Part two .... When I use an weapon for my right hand as a Short Sword of the Praetorian , which gives me + 3 attack and defense for each praetorian ... My Praetorians are already trained and not even use the sword the Praetorian already has 31 attacks, 66 infantry defenses, 36 calavry defenses. Or 33% of weapon tier 1 .... And when I use it adds another +2 to the trained troops and remains as before. As it has been so far +3 .. The condition is a victorious attack or defense with the object and at least one unit of the respective army ... Similarly for the other troops ...... Also the end of the server. FOR part two the situation is the same .... So everyone will have the opportunity to make a different army skills .... Example I can have in the process of the game trained legionnaires, Praetorians ... also maybe and calavry ... why not ...:)

    • Thank you very much, it is really interesting.

      As a matter of fact there are several suggestions there... could I ask you a favour?

      Please go to this area in the forum:
      Ideas / Wishes / Suggestions

      And open a different thread for each suggestion.
      I can assure you the team will have a look and consider each and everyone of your suggestions.

      Thank you!

  • hi unknow i want to report someone for multies what should i do ?

  • hola, donde recibo el vale del premio?? http://prntscr.com/v84myc

  • Hola hermano! Muchas gracias por siempre andar respondiendo mis ticket y consultas!! Sos un genio!!

    Voy a seguir teniendo más preguntas igual.

    Atte Pepon.

  • hola quien gano los 100 de oro por el concurso de subir reportes??? , por lo que veo solo 2 subimos reportes

  • disculpa que insista unknown no se si esto es el privado o no pero como veo que no has contestado aun estoy en el es2 con el nombre de VERCI el premio me gustaria recibirlo en esa cuenta si es posible.

    • No, esto no es un privado. El privado es el que ya te he respondido. Esto es publico. :)

    • a vale vale ya entendi como es entonses

    • para la proxima que pienso ganar mas concursos xdxdxdxdxd