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The community moved to Discord . Come and join us there! The forum is set to read only and will be gone at the end of the year.
  • Come play a round or 2 ;)

  • Hey man. My brother Phil and I are thinking about starting another round of travian on an upcoming server. Any chance you might be interested in being part of a team? Or are you still sworn off of Travian?

    • Hiya! I currently don't have the time to do more with Travian than lurking on the forums, although I might consider playing a round sometime in the future. I'm still (VERY slowly) building a tool for Travian which I intend to test once it's finished/usable. I might actually have to play a round of kingdoms AND a round of Legends to test it out. When I'm ready for it, I'll be sure to hit you guys up! :)

  • I just joined up with Phil on Com5 (getafix acct) as a latecomer. You playing on any active servers now?

    • Yo Paul! No the COM6 I was semi-active on just stopped - I don't think I'll be playing again actually, was the most boring server I've ever played...and I've played a few boring ones :D