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  • Hey old man. Any chance you might be interested in another round of Travian? My bro Philip and I (getafix account back when we played with colony) are thinking about maybe getting into a new server ("causally", of course). I don't know if you ever still check this forum or not, but I thought I might just write a message to check and see...

    • Just came back this year my friend and just finished a x3 server with night protection(played with gangbang com2nx3 server).

      Hope you are still doing well and life is treating you well.

  • hey

  • Caliber, where are you?

  • we are skipping this round of com1

  • Hi, do you will play the next com1? I'm looking for a good king to play with. I play against you in the last com1, that was a great server. And you are a strong player. Tell me if you will start and you initial position.