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  • Hello, congrats for your wins, I found the history of BM a very interesting read.
    Are you ever coming on Test as BM?
  • Is WAR alliance still alive xd? Havent played Kingdoms for sometime now
    • It never was WAR, it has always been BM :) During COM4 we kept WAR name because we had to but the team was BM and it has been BM ever since ;)
    • And ofc we are still here, People change but our team spirit doesn't!
    • Ah really? I only knew it as WAR when i played xd, what does BM stand for? How are servers going for you?
    • Bad Manners / Blame Mayo / Beat Meta
      Well, we've won 5 servers in a row so good I'd say
    • Have you lost any at all? i dont remember seeing you lose one server :P
  • Hello, We(3 good players and friends) are looking for some group of player to play together on new server. I want to ask you if you and your guys will start at Com7 and if we can join to you?
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