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  • Hello! Did you find some for bbash?

    I was in com6 as king for Octopus. I am playing with a group of people. Let me know if you wanna join.

    • Hi.... Good to hear from you.... I am alone at the moment... but would love to play with you. Will play as Raaaj.... find me there... Planning for BBash2, but can play other one as well..

    • Great! Can I find you on Discord?

    • I am actually not on Discord..

    • You on bbash 2?

    • I will start up om com2 tomorrow. Let me know if you want in ;)

  • Hello I will start playing tomorrow as well, so id like to join as I am looking for an active kingdom :)

    • Contact me on com6, avatar name is Raaaj

  • Hi... I started on com6 with Raaaj name.. contact me there..

  • Hi mate, Saw you message of starting as Avengers on new server. Is that com6? I looking for active Kingdom where i possibly can become duke and get i nice juicy 15 cropper within first 20 hours of game time :)

    • Contact me on com6.... avatar name is Raaaj