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  • Hi there. I am looking forward to play with your team. I usually play speed servers. Want to try out a usual server. Can I join?

  • Hi , me and my friend could join your team, I don't know how much we will play but we will do our best :) if u accept :)

  • I am looking for a kingdom. I am planning to start com4 tomorrow.

  • Hello Jak

    I was wondering about Dacul Lenes - is that costiban?

    I played with costiban in The Wall on speed and he is a really great def player (of off for that matter)

    Also - how is BM? I had a talk with Mayo long ago, about me joining, and I was really looking forward but then I got a new job, changed country etc. it became impossible. I was really upset I could not join, I told Mayo... anyway, I'd love to play with a great team like BM.



    • Hey Katana, hope you're doing good :)

      Dacul Lenes was ICnut, he hasn't played for a couple of years, he got his life back on track, but he like Costiban was also a great Def & Off player, he played a few rounds with us

      BM isn't active atm, we're having a long break

      (a few are playing com5 atm, but with a different structure to what we had previous)

      I remember you were about to join us & then pulled out at last moment, hope everything went well with the move, job etc?

      I think We (you n me) played together not that long ago, in "The Unit" with Morphy & Indiansword? I had a small Roman acc on there, nothing special, just a limited gold def acc

    • Hey Jak,

      I hope you have a good long break and then come back full force.

      Yes I was about to join and I was really looking forward, but unfortunately I had to pull out as I moved to another country for a new job and I did not want to play like that without focus. Real life takes precedence in these kind of situations of course.

      Things settled and I can play - and I am still looking forward to play with you guys.

    • Yeah thanks, we saw it yesterday, but many forum readers haven't :)

    • What country are you from?" if it's not a secret)
      your team

    • we're a Global team :) not one Country ..... Italy, France, Spain, Turkey, Australia, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, The Netherlands, Austria, China, America, Canada, Ukraine, Lithuania, Russia, Germany, Romania, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, UK, Hong Kong, Singapor, Egypt, India and more :)

    • wow 😮😮!!
      We have mainly from Russia and Ukraine, met from Belarus and Latvia players. On RU servers became bored, played mostly against each other. Now we decided try here