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  • Hello Young Lady,

    Can I possibly get an invite to your Kingdom on test, I sent you an IGM but didn't get a reply, contacted DarthVader and ilcapitano to ask if they could send me an invite but they said I should contact you.

    I started late because I have been busy helping my sister do some decorating as she and her hubby couldn't manage because of ill health.

    • Sorry we're litterally full right now :(

  • Long time no see old friend. Hope life has been treating you well. 8)

    • Yeah for sure :)

      Taking it much easier these days. Family etc etc :P


    • The same I reckon.

      Got bored so thought I would come see how Kingdoms has progressed.

      Started the com2nx3 but think I am going to play the one that starts on the 22nd.

  • i think i have played with you in 2016 or 2017 test which got restarted. anyway i remember you. i need a team to enter test.

    • Will not start test this round to do anything serious. But in the future I will again probably!

  • Could you give me some tips/ideas on expansion ? I have CP and settlers ready to expand. Should i go for a 9c that is 41 mins away by merchant ? When do I make something a capital ? How do i get more expansion slots ? When do I build a palace ?

    • You should have started the server with me like I said :P

      It's best to make new villages close to your spawn, UNLESS you have a premade group that plans to go further away.

      As a beginning player i would not go with a 9c or 15c. Only use those when you know what you're doing it for. Play a speed server and make some mistakes, they are great for learning.

  • I will take you up on that offer to teach side by side

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  • j

  • Hey, i recently saw a great guide for a quick second village you posted but can't find it now lol
    would you mind posting the link here?

  • hello iribuya
    can you give me a pic from Wow troops !

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  • Hello . Thank you for all the information you gave me. Which is almost nothing, without being a leaf that barely fills it,
    I know very well that there is no manager of children,
    My English if I want and better than yours, I just want,

  • hello iribuya
    so what now ??
    were i regist north soult est west ?
    and what time ?

    • Jozi, I gave you all information there is in PM, but your English is not good enough for us to include you anymore. If you find out what information you need you're welcome to join, but I'm not a children manager.

  • can i be with you?

    • What are your skills and experience in travian? :)

  • hi iribuya are you recruting for next test world ?

    • yes, i'll pm you in private

    • were is the privat mensage here on forum ?

    • i just send it, you can find it if you click on your name left top

  • Can u check my pö

  • Did you quit comX ? :D

    • It's not possible to quit something if you never really started ;)
      My expectation was TEST would be announced sooner, but now it seems i'll have to play another game untill that time :D

    • Sent a scout to your villa, don't worry about him :P

    • You're not the first ;)

    • Mind if I raid ? :D

    • I already got my personal raider, but you can come and visit for a tea

  • Hello, I would like to play with you in the new test, i am 26 years hold and from asia. experienced player. I have registered here only for the pun. Please respond back. Where you register in the new test, area. Thanks

    • I've never heard of you ingame ;) did you play last test?

    • hi iribuya when starts the new test.

    • I dont know :)
      Keep checking forum every week, they will announce and then it will take a couple week before start.

  • Hello, would like to play with you in the new testwelt, am 51 years old and come from germany.bin experienced player. I have registered here only for the fun.Please order back. Where you register in the new testwelt, area .. .LG Willi

  • Hello, do you know, when the Travian gives gold on beta? thanks.

    • Every friday around 14:00-16:00

  • Hi Iribuya

    Am an experienced player though returning to the game after taking a break and am looking for an active team in the NE of the Test Server. Could you tell me how to join you'll.


  • hey iribuya just to confirm where are we settling again?

    • Who were you last test? Sorry, I dont remember Eric

  • will you be playing?

  • hello
    how to join you?

  • Hay am from Serbia Im new can izh nabor you yoin me to be with you

  • nog steeds op zoek om te duallen op nl4 ?