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  • Nice game !!!

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    • Thank you:)
      You guys are playing really well too!

  • Hi! today 14h com3x3 start, you play too?

    • Hi PTTAM, i won't play today's server.
      But others might play

  • In which area will they go? north, south, east or west? in the com1x3

  • I would like to join you on the next x3 server I will play with the name Phantom

  • Me and a friend (or just the friend) would like to join you on com1x3. Both played on the com2x3 you guys won in the Vikings! Kingdom. Would highly prefer communication on discord since I have a problem with sending PM's on phone ingame.

  • We are two players coming from the Spanish comx3 Server, but were are not from Spain. We have won this server:

    Now we are searching for a good alliance in the world beginning in 06.16.2020 because our ally Savages will not play, they are in majority from Portugal. I'm from Germany, and also my friend.
    What do you think?
    Catlin (my name in the game will be Luna)

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    • Hi Catlin,
      I'm the leader of LIHKG, also one of Savages member.
      Find Taz & Eranya in game.
      Welcome to join once again.